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  1. Films by Bertolucci, Antonioni, Tarkovsky, Trier, Jarmusch, Park Chang-wook, Pasollini and a dozen and a half other directors. They contain possibly provocative and nihilistic views, but they make you think. Among them, there is no place for stories about the desire to live, get rich or stories of strong love that are not afraid of obstacles and the like, because this is just poetry that can morally lift you but not change your views on the world. The films above are probably destructive, quite difficult to agree with the ideas expressed in them. It was written correctly here, the film worldview can help to change if there are doubts, but not to turn it around. A person usually agrees with what is consistent with his views or indirectly confirms what is contained in his thoughts.

  2. Of course, none of them has changed dramatically, but there are some that have greatly influenced the perception of the world, maybe slightly corrected the worldview.�
    Donnie Darko, for example, taught me that sometimes you have to sacrifice something, even if it's yourself, to save others. That's about the same idea in Pretty Bones.�
    “Oldboy”, the Korean one-basically left behind a very long aftertaste, it seems to me that after it I began to perceive life somewhat differently. I guess I'll never stop writing everywhere that Oldboy is one of the best movies ever made.

  3. Of course, these are motivational films. Personally, my list of such paintings is: “The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty”, “Her”, “Intern”. Perhaps I would still allocate “127 hours”.

  4. I was greatly influenced by documentaries, mostly BBC, that I watched as a child. They broadened my horizons, allowed me to get rid of illusions.
    I can't even remember their names now. They were dedicated to world religions, ancient religions.
    From there, I learned the relationship of religions among themselves, learned that there is nothing new in Christianity by and large, and this is a stupid set of legends and stories that existed before(the immaculate conception, miracles of the child of divine beings, the end of the world, etc.). I learned what and how religions are used to this day.
    I also watched documentaries about science, dinosaurs, human origins, and space. Which allowed me, as a child, at least to understand how our world works.

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