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  1. There are all sorts of nouns ending in-east, for example, those who distinguish between higher and lower nationalities-chauvinists, races and phenotypes-racists, origin-elitists, etc.

    There is a broader definition of “supremacists”, which basically includes all people who divide others into bad and good on an arbitrary basis, no matter gender, race or what else.

  2. Yes, you can use different words and terms, but all of them will be used in one way or another, including as offensive. Undeveloped, for example. This division is a primitive defense and a means for people to protect themselves. With the advent of states, the police, and in principle the development of society, the means of exchanging labor and information, this tool is no longer necessary, and where it is not, it remains in adequate forms and is regulated externally and peacefully. Or another example, the mentally ill. Out of the blue and in happy people, primitive instinctive forms of behavior do not get out, they are also so bright, they enjoy life, behave calmly and they do not care what sign there is, what layers flash around. So either there is no happiness, or the soul for some reason hurts and forces the psyche instead of complex soft defense mechanisms to resort to primitive and hard ones. Crazy people… Well, what do you call someone for whom hair color is more important than the fact that a person with such hair is the only one in a radius of a hundred miles who can and wants to save him from danger? A fanatic… Well, what else can you call someone for whom the forest is only pine trees pínus sylvéstris, growing in bare ground and isolated from animals, and if not, then you need to do so? The Nazis… Or what do you call those to whom the purity of a nation is more important than its happiness? And there are many such names, and for us they are ordinary words, because they give an accurate understanding of what we want to say, but for them they are rude, because they indicate their vices. But judging the other for something that does not depend on him is vicious no matter how you look at it.

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