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  1. Of course, philosophy was born through doubting the myth. Doubt forms the desire to find the truth through thinking, not through a dogma given by a myth or some famous philosopher. On the question of doubt, of not accepting dogma, philosophy is opposed to religion…..Modern philosophical education is dogmatic, unfortunately, and a set of historical and philosophical knowledge in the absence of the ability to doubt, to think nothing. Moreover, in a democratic society, philosophical education is valued (the German countries in the 1820s and 1840s) and is not valued and is in every possible way suppressed under totalitarianism and authoritarianism, for example: Bismarck's Germany. At this point, practical education is important, and not humanitarian and economic, but technical. All managers are engineers, just like in the USSR

  2. The critical function of philosophy is to develop your critical thinking independently. And the education itself will give you the skill of working with texts and information, will give you the opportunity to work in management, in the library, in the media (with texts), and of course it will give you the opportunity to teach philosophy at the institute.
    And you can become a philosopher yourself even without a philosophical education.

  3. Education in Russia and the post-Soviet space provides almost nothing but rote learning. What can we say about philosophy, where is the place that would teach to think/think, we are forced to cram what and who came up with in their time? Such a history of philosophy is obtained.
    And so philosophy is important that would be more critical of some things. If you want to get rid of ordinary thinking, then philosophy is what you need. We must always doubt the correctness of our beliefs and actions. As a result, we resort to reflection.(not to be confused with introspection. Unlike reflection, it is destructive, and this is a philosophical attitude. And the philosophy of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche formed the basis for existential psychotherapy, which is aimed at understanding one's life and life values. For more understanding, I'll leave a link:

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