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  1. The new chronology did not appear 2016 years ago, it appeared approximately 1270 years ago. It was introduced by the monk and chronograph Bede the Venerable. The date from which Bede decided to count the chronology was calculated three hundred years before him (although mostly invented) by another monk-Dionysius the Small, who did not want to count the dates according to the then accepted principle – from the reign of the emperor when compiling Easter tables.�

    So both the date was “calculated” and the new chronology was distributed by people who were convinced that Jesus did exist.�

    However, personally, I myself have little doubt that as a historical character he really took place. The question of his divinity and the accuracy of his biography in the New Testament is quite open.

  2. Most likely, the account of the summer from the Birth of Christ has astronomical reasons.

    There is such a phenomenon – precession.�Precession is a circular shift in the direction of the earth's axis. Precession can be observed on the example of a rotating child's top or bundle: the top not only rotates very quickly around its axis, but also the axis itself turns around the center – the top slowly circles its upper end in the air, forming a cone – this displacement of the axis, visible on the example of the displacement of the upper end of the rotating top, and forms a precession. Due to precession, a slow shift of the earth's axis, the equinoxes are preceded, that is, they come earlier than the deadline. Each zodiac sign passes the vernal equinox point in 2148 years, and all 12 signs – 25776 years.This explains why the vernal equinox, which took place three to four thousand years ago in the constellation of Aries, has been in the constellation of Pisces for the last 2000 years. A symbol of Christianity is a fish.

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