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  1. After the final death of the brain, there will be nothing, just as there was nothing before it appeared.

    The fact is that personality does not appear out of nowhere immediately and simultaneously with the emergence of the brain (or the body in general): personality, self-identity, i.e.self-identification, the perception of oneself as a unique, complete and independent person, and self-awareness appears in the process of individual development. The brain develops, new interneuronal connections are created, new experiences are experienced, external social relations are internalized, socialization takes place, in the process of which norms, rules, values and meanings are assigned – and gradually a personality is formed, an “I”appears.�

    I will allow myself to insert my own quote from one answer to a similar question:�

    Here it is necessary to establish a logic, the appearance of which is simply impossible in a child's or ordinary consciousness, which is not able to operate with anything other than direct perception: we do not arise from nowhere and do not “come” into this body, this body, having been born and developing according to the natural laws of ontogenesis, gradually gives birth to our “I”, this is the external world, acting through analyzer systems on the brain, which already, thanks to millions of years of matter evolution, contains the potential for consciousness to arise, forms our personality, this is the experience that we receive, it drives the development of our individuality.

    Of course, the idea of one's own personality and consciousness as something separate from the body, independent and end in itself, fits perfectly into the picture of our delusions generated by experience, because everyone experiences himself, his individuality and his consciousness every waking second, every day, all his life. “After all, I am me!”.�

    However, this is not the case. It is not we who come to this world, but this world, so to speak, comes to us-it is imprinted in the body, in the brain through experience and thus creates a personality, our “I”, our self-consciousness. So, it turns out that everything happens according to the usual logic dictated by natural experiences and sensations – of course, it is impossible to “become” a new person, “move” to another body, because there is no separate person who came to the body from nowhere and went somewhere after death, but there is only a body (brain) that gave rise to personality and self-consciousness in the process of development.�

    If the soul does not exist from the point of view of science, then why are we aware of ourselves in our particular body, and not in some other? What causes this?

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