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  1. They will work on him, without any doubt. In general, this is a separate very non-standard and interesting area of pharmacology – how medicines work on healthy people. This is partly how some of the new effects of already known drugs were discovered.

    Antidepressants. I will not say for everything, of course, but many act through changing the work of the serotonergic system, and in one way or another they affect the dopaminergic system. And these are mediator systems that are also involved in ensuring the narcotic effect of well-known substances. Actually, because purely dopaminergic antidepressants do not exist, and probably will never exist, because it will almost certainly be entirely drugs. By the way, the same ways “act” and, for example, gambling.

    In everyday life, few people know, but certain antidepressants have a narcogenic potential, and withdrawal syndrome when you stop taking them also happens, although, formally, they are not drugs. Sertraline, a widely used antidepressant under the brand name Zoloft, causes drug addiction. In fact, many psychoactive drugs are used illegally for recreational purposes, often mixed with drugs, alcohol, etc. In fact, two applications – improving mood/euphoria or calming down-are often useful for bad trips and overexcitation against the background of taking other drugs, such as amphetamine. We are already getting close to the issue of antipsychotics. Like antidepressants, they come in different types of action, and again, you need to consider specific substances, doses, etc. It is worth understanding that the regimen of taking (so we will call it) drugs prescribed by a doctor and for recreational purposes are different things, and the effects may differ. By changing the dose, certain substances can generally change the mechanism of action!

    From neuroleptics, it will be easier to take an example of classic ones, like haloperidol. Initially, it is like the opposite of drugs – it reduces aggression, eliminates hallucinations and euphoria, because it is a blocker of dopamine D2 receptors. At the same time, it can increase pain tolerance and cause a strange perception of the passage of time. Although, again, the question of the dose and characteristics of the human body. There is evidence that even on haloperidol you can get euphoria or hallucinations.�

    It doesn't sound very cool compared to many drugs, but, as they say, people are devious and will find a use for anything. The advantage of non-narcotic psychoactive substances is that control over them is less strict, it is easier to get them, prices are lower, and the punishment under the law, respectively, is less strict. Therefore, many thrill seekers experiment with everything they can get from psychoactive drugs, often without really knowing what the final effect will be.

    Well, in prynitspa, with overdoses, you can get a bunch of different very peculiar side effects, even from relatively harmless substances. But this is dangerous for health, and often it will be accompanied by something in the style of vomiting, headache or tachycardia. Not pleasant enough.

    As for lithium, I haven't heard of it being used for recreational purposes. Basically, it has little effect on the mood of a person as such, in the sense that it does not cause a high, pain relief, etc. It normalizes the altered state more, i.e. it can remove the effect of cocaine and amphetamine, and removes suicidal thoughts. Mixing with alcohol and ecstasy is very dangerous – it can cause dehydration and lithium poisoning.�

    In general, I never fully understood the use of drugs and psychoactive substances. First of all, it's illegal, and you can foolishly just flush your life down the toilet. Secondly, this is a real health hazard, and in the short term. Much more dangerous than smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. Third, life is full of legal” drugs ” of all kinds – from just less harmful ones like cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol, to sex, physical education, breathing exercises, and extreme sports. Of course, I understand the causes of drug addiction, but they are alien to me. And I don't have any desire to experiment with anything for the sake of dubious pleasure, especially. You can live a sober life and still get high.

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