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  1. It depends on where it is located.In general, I had only one case.The same situation,the person saw robots, other worlds, he was nearby and just touched the air, moving he got to the sofa and so on, although it is dangerous on the street, it is better to help the person if you see that he is not in adequate condition.

  2. If the hallucination is complex, i.e., affecting several analyzers at once, then it is quite possible that the person will feel what he sees. For example, a person who has eaten enough mushrooms the day before sees a dragon (visual analyzer), hears it breathing heavily, wheezing (auditory analyzer), and even feels its steel scales when touched (tactile analyzer). And there is a simple hallucination, i.e., how a schizophrenic can only hear, for example, whispering voices, or only see some images, or only feel, for example, how a caterpillar has been crawling on his body for ten years (but this type of hallucination is still less common than auditory and visual hallucinations).

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