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  1. It will be as follows: you will eat information for the conditional hour and a half in just 45 minutes.

    A lyrical digression.�
    Starting with the New Year, after coming out of winter break, I had to read War and Peace, one part in 3-4 days. It seems that if you manage to allocate time, then there will be no questions, but what person did not leave the most voluminous work at the last moment?

    Most likely, you are asking because you don't have enough time, so you will have to compress at different speeds. My method isn't exactly about movies and TV shows. Although I think this will still be useful to someone if you are going to master books. At first, it was difficult to understand what was being said by ear and literally forgot what was said a minute earlier. If you think about something small, you'll miss a kiloton of information instead of just a few words. Therefore, if you read anything in this way, keep the text in front of you and feel free to put x2 (x3 did not try, to your taste), listening to the speech with all intonations, sighs and gasps. It's easier to visualize in your head, and you don't have time to think about the washing machine that has finished washing, the cat tray that is clogged, or other everyday joys of life. All this you will have time to do if you reduce the time by two, or even more, times.�

    P. S. Just don't throw your sneakers at me. War and Peace is a great novel, but when the clock is 01: 00, and you try to sleep more and better, then it is difficult to talk about conscious, deep reading.

  2. I watch movies, TV shows, lectures at speeds of x2. 5 – x3, for about 8 years, I think the experience is decent. Audiobooks are on a smaller scale, simply because often because of the sound quality at speeds higher than x1. 5, you can't make out anything. Of course, the speed of perception of information changes both by ear and visually, since starting to watch content in this format you can no longer understand x1. 25, over time you adapt and it becomes comfortable even to watch 2.5. But I didn't notice any changes in any area other than content consumption, because when, for example, the interlocutor is babbling something, everything depends more on their diction and interesting content than on the speed of your perception of incoming information.�

    And also such an observation, this skill does not interfere with watching movies in the cinema at all, but if you watched the series at x3 speed, forgot yourself and turned on the next episode at normal speed, here, as was answered before me, it becomes funny, as if everything is in rapid, and it seems that at the moment of pause between words, you may well have time to run

  3. I almost always watch TV shows and videos at a speed of 1.25-1.5.

    Why “almost always”? because vre depends on the video clip. It happens that a person speaks without pauses, quickly and to the point – in this case, the perception of information is not so effective.

    I would not recommend that when watching a movie, set the acceleration to more than 1.25, at least because of the music. It's no secret that it helps to immerse the viewer in what is happening on the screen, creates the right atmosphere. Increasing the speed significantly distorts the melody.

  4. it all started with a lack of time and long videos on YouTube. lectures that lasted for 2 hours, immediately removed from the list that I would like to listen to. After that, I started looking for an alternative – criticism, reviews, reviews, but gradually reached the point that it takes the same amount of time to search for the same information in a condensed form as it does to get acquainted with the original. then the video acceleration function appeared on the above-described site. it all started with small numbers, but the speed of information processing is like a drug, so you quickly go to 2x. from the consequences, I can note the “slowing down” of the world around you, people who speak with normal speed seem slow to you.

  5. I don't remember anyone asking me how to reduce my time for sex. But everyone needs to listen to lectures at a speed of 2x, work less, but at the same time get more, democracy is already yesterday, and good roads throughout the country, at least, by the New Year. How tired of these rapid shootings.

  6. I will answer you, because I watch at this speed, but not movies, but various online lectures, because sometimes they can be longer than 20 minutes, and it's too long to sit for an hour and a half. At first it will be unusual, but then when you turn on the usual speed it will be funny, turn on now at 0.75, so it will seem to you somewhere the same. I raised it gradually, at this speed it is perceived in full normally, I listen to podcasts at a speed of 2x, just while I'm going to university it fits perfectly. But I really don't watch movies like this, I still don't want to spoil the fun, and this doesn't often happen. I didn't notice any changes in the perception of ordinary people, but what my friends told me, for example, when I tell the material that I listened to or just a story from let's say “branddyatiny”, I speak quickly, that is, out of habit, I both hear and transmit.

    What else, at first it will be difficult to remember what was heard about 5-10 minutes ago, but it also passes. In general, I did not notice any big changes, but it saves time well, plus the only thing is that I have no problems with the summary of a quick lecture from the teacher, that is, I have time to write down everything important.

    I don't know if I answered your question exactly, but the story is on the topic … wrote it)

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