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  1. VSD does not need to be “treated” at all. This is not a disease, but a complex of psychosomatic symptoms. Behind this abbreviation, many people hide their real problems, which are not very pleasant to think about (shyness, self-doubt, the need for love and support, etc.).” VSD ” will pass by itself if you stop believing in it, and find excuses for yourself, and start working out your fears and anxieties.

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  2. The described cases “passed by itself” – no. Perhaps, not because there were no such cases, but because the ex – carriers of VSD simply did not contact specialists about this and “passed by itself” – it was not recorded in the scientific world in any way. Not in all cases, but in most of them, VSD is not quite an” independent ” somatic disease (i.e., here the term “treat” may not be quite fair), but it is a “covering” consequence of deeper phenomena from the field of competence of psychotherapy, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis. You can, of course, hope for “it will pass by itself”, but it is better to seek help, for example, from a psychotherapist or psychoanalyst, who will either prescribe medication support or will only require psychotherapy/analysis.

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