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  1. It's like the only person close to you in the world has died. It's like you've burned down a hut from which you hid from the injustices of life, anxiety and depression. It's as if the world used to be organized in a coordinate network of rays coming from one point, somewhere above (Figure A), but now the coordinate network is the same in all directions, there is no top or bottom, you just fall into infinite space and do not understand what is happening (Figure B). You are very hurt and there is no one who would understand your feelings.

    But this is my case.

    A former Muslim friend told a very different story. He also realized around 19 that there was no Allah and his main thought was: “Can I really jerk off as much as I want now! At least several times a day! And without any remorse, that some harsh omnipotent being will get angry with me and then punish me!” And that this day was the happiest day ever. And every day afterwards – also the happiest.

    I didn't believe, as a Christian, that it was a sin to jerk off, so nothing has changed for me in that sense.

    Maybe religious prohibitions on masturbation just make a lot of sense in terms of easing withdrawal symptoms if a person suddenly becomes an atheist.

  2. When a person stops believing in God, his brain becomes enlightened. The philosopher Denis Diderot believed that until a person drives God out of his head, he will never become free, internally liberated. A person's spiritual development cannot be successful if his head is filled with mysticism, superstitions, false ideas and prejudices about the world around him. As soon as science takes a step forward, God takes two steps back !

  3. If you stop “believing in God”, then you didn't believe.

    So you have got rid of one of the illusions – “faith in God” and there is a hope that in the future you will be able to accept God into yourself.

    People often want to believe in God, go to church, perform rituals, honor customs, but do not have faith, have superstition.

    When a person begins to understand that he enters this world that he did not create, in a body that he did not create, and everything that he is and has is only his spirit, his life experience, then immersion in FAITH and understanding begins, and you cannot get out of understanding.

  4. Don't know. I haven't tried it. But I think that there is a clarification coming, because from now on you don't need to constantly convince yourself that red is actually white and vice versa. Everything becomes logical and quite clear.

  5. You put the cart in front of the horse.

    You first have changes in your brain, and then you stop believing in God.

    The process is not fast and sometimes painful.

  6. I would like to advise you to get acquainted with one channel on YouTube – Ex Preacher-and specifically with one video from it: https://youtu.be/PSar2Y4IErQ. This is the channel of a former preacher and specifically in this video he tells how and why he first came to religion, and then left and what it led to. In short, I came to religion because I was looking for answers to the questions of how and why everything happened, how everything in the world works, and received simple and understandable answers to these questions from a priest I knew. I left religion because I began to notice more and more contradictions between these answers and the real world. When I came to atheism, I felt free from old beliefs and contradictions.

    I strongly advise you to watch the video (or listen to it, the video sequence is not so important), it's an interesting story. By the way, there and in the comments there are many stories from “those who left religion”, and not only from Christianity.

  7. From a psychological point of view, such a feeling as faith is the ability to see a positive perspective in difficult circumstances. This is a kind of cognitive distortion that makes us optimistic, although statistics will say otherwise. For many believers, the loss of faith in God is the loss of faith in a positive perspective, and with this you can lose the meaning of life. This can cause mild sadness, which may be signs of depression. If this is very demotivating and drains energy, contact a good psychologist. Perhaps the loss of faith and optimism is caused by depression.

  8. First, we must define what it means to believe in God.I'll explain.to believe in God (no matter which god)means to know and do everything that this God requires or asks of you.if you do not know or know,but do not fulfill all the requirements that a given God requires or asks of you,then you definitely do not believe in this god,and all your cries for faith are hypocrisy and lies,which humiliates and tramples first of all this god and those believers who actually believe in this god.for example,Jesus requires Christians to keep the 10 commandments,and if you don't keep all of them (no matter for what reason), or even one of them,you don't believe in Jesus, so you're not a Christian!

    and also, when you have decided that you believe in God, from this moment on you do not belong to yourself,you should not think and reason about the reasons for some incomprehensible actions of your god, because “it pleases God”, you should not complain about the difficulties of life, because ” god endured(meaning on the cross) and you must endure!you must not envy others, take revenge on others,or judge others,for your God himself will do for you what others deserve!your duty is to believe stupidly and perform just as stupidly!

    and when a believer stops believing in God, he becomes free, thinking,reasoning, striving for new and better things,and most importantly,loving life, not death, and he becomes happy!!!!!!!

  9. Reinvention, nothing more. Only a reinterpretation of life, the world, and the universe. Many priorities become irrelevant, and what previously seemed stupid suddenly comes to the fore.

    And most importantly, you begin to take responsibility for yourself and your life, and therefore grow up.

    I am referring to the ordinary god as represented by his religion. It is very difficult to stop believing in the real God. And I can't imagine what happens to people in such cases.

  10. Hello to the author of the question from 2021! Just think .. a whole 3 years have passed.. yes. But have the scientific laws changed? The law of conservation of Ennergia, remember? It – does not appear out of nowhere. So is your faith. You always believe in God, even if it's disgusting to think about it.

    It is also natural – like breathing, or taking food.

    You talk about what you believed today. Tomorrow I read proofs in the newspaper that there is no God and was disappointed.

    Nothing is unchangeable. You just absorbed the new nonsense (why do you need it) and started spreading it.

    Well, then what? What words do you say when you, or others, are in real trouble? Are you still unconsciously saying goodbye to Him? Thus-do not self-deceive. It is not God who changes , but our place beside Him)

  11. .. in the brain, exactly what happens is that if you want to eat bread, a person suddenly loses this perspective and remains hungry, then he can expect mischief and everything that happens to a person on an empty stomach.

  12. Faith is salutary for many. If you ask why a person believes, and not in whom, then you are unlikely to hear something acceptable for yourself. If you ask this question, then a wall grows between you and the believers.

    It is crude and primitive, but faith eliminates many problems, builds an ethical model of behavior, and defines moral boundaries. It's easier to live that way. Decisions are unambiguous, actions are conditioned.

    Having rejected faith, a person finds himself in a difficult situation. There are people around you who don't count on you. Inside – a person who is difficult to manage. Too many challenges, few people can live in harmony with themselves.

  13. A thought process, I guess. Collecting the material, structuring it, analyzing it, and concluding it as a result. It's different for everyone. But the path of a conscious atheist is not easy. For me personally, the realization of myself as a real atheist (and not a person who believes in him) ended recently. And very sharply. Literally, the conclusion from all my life experience and material on this topic passed in a few seconds. It was like this. My mother was dying very badly from cancer. And I always believed in something, like the energy of thought, some forces ( now I can't explain what, but apparently, supernatural). So, during her illness, she suddenly turned from an adult woman and my mother into my daughter and my child. It's hard to explain why I felt that way. The man was completely helpless and dependent on me, on his family. She often cried and asked what was there and when she would die. Because it hurts. �I had to comfort her and tell her that soon, �let her have a little patience and be strong, please don't be afraid, have a little more patience. Soon enough. She said she would try to visit me if there was a soul and another world. I asked you to make sure to do this. How difficult it would not be for her. She should definitely visit me. It is difficult to explain the whole tragedy of the situation. I did everything I could to make sure she didn't suffer and wasn't afraid. She died 2 months later. I left the room to get some tea. My father called me a minute later to check my mother's pulse. I did all the manipulations and confirmed to him that she was dead. That's all. My “faith” in everything mystical died with her. I knew I wouldn't see her again. Her death was the starting point for my thinking about God, gods, and other mystical hypotheses. There is no miracle. There is life and there is death. It is final.

  14. A kind of insight occurs in the brain. You return from the virtual world to the real world. You get the opportunity to see previously complex things from the outside, through the eyes of an outsider.

    Your brain comes out of the abyss of oblivion into the open – conditioning recedes. And you don't have to be an atheist to do that. The main thing is that you become a new stage in your knowledge of this world.

  15. In my experience, I can say that in most cases there is no fundamental difference between believers and atheists, because for both of them, beliefs stem from their group affiliation and form part of their identity, and are not the result of a long intellectual search. Thus, the mechanism that ensures the formation of a person's group identity works both there and there, and there is no fundamental difference. There is a group of monkeys A and a group of monkeys B, everything else is secondary and is designed to maintain the monkeys ' belonging to their groups.

  16. There is a clear-up in the human brain when you finally understand that it was not worth raping yourself, your body, and others with the so-called faith. No more waste precious life time on an empty rituals, there is no need to love those whose faith is something different, no one should be condemned, to celebrate the annual day on which thousands of years in the name of “love” cursed long-dead people, can safely be called inadequate those who've spent a lifetime sitting on a pile of manure or standing on top of the tower, hypocrisy, denounced others doing in secret all that cursed; they killed, robbed, raped in the name of their faith. At the same time, the bitterness comes from the realization that years have been spent on a pacifier in the name of tradition.

  17. Just like the lady who wrote about her dying mother, rational thinking wins out. Yes, my mother also died for a long time, just not from cancer but from a stroke-2 years.But that didn't stop me from believing in God. At that time, I did not completely lose faith in the unselfishness of our priesthood. No one wanted to go to Holy Unction or communion for free . On her last relatively lively day , when I discharged her from the penultimate 64th hospital , where she was operated on for an intestinal obstruction, and she was already partially paralyzed , I had to urgently run to the institute, Fr. Sergiy Pravdolyubov visited our department and, as is customary with them, said that wreaths should be in the church on the eve of the Nativity of the Virgin, and not at home with relatives . When I came home after the service ,I didn't have the energy to do it anymore. In the morning, she had a second stroke and we buried her on Pokrov. Neither reading the canons nor reading the psalms relieved her or my condition . For a long time I blamed myself – I missed it.But to do as they say in the temples – everything is God's will. Even ten years before the dismissal of Clement from the temple, there was hope for a little bit of decency, until she encountered the final rudeness of the headman, corruption and other absolutely lawless decisions. The rector of his parish is the king and God in one person. This is reality . In Moscow, we have a circular guarantee of the priesthood . He will need you to be destroyed both morally and physically and with impunity for him ,the power is absolutely unlimited. In this system, in addition to monetary relations, there are already crumbs of all sorts of relationships left. However, while knowing Greek, textual studies, and reading the Bible in literal translation, it is increasingly doubtful whether all this is true . I never take books that openly expose texts .I haven't read them , but the Bible Online in the original will show anyone that what is being preached now is very different from the original . So the harmonious system laid down in childhood collapses in my head . God on Karitinka has not been very impressive before, due to his profession: how we draw It – this is how it will be. The search begins , and there is something in principle after death. Over the years, billions of people have buried themselves near temples in the hope of Resurrection.The archaeologists came and buried them in a common grave. It's funny , but in my youth I was quite religious and dreamed of living to the end of the world, I wanted to see the Judgment of the righteous and the unrighteous, how some would be transformed, how others would die ) And now it seems to have come, if not by the power of the victory of information in our heads, then at least thanks to the change in the climate, izvezheniyami associated with it and floods . But humanity is still preoccupied with mercantile problems . Exchange rates, oil prices, and other issues. No one thinks that if we behave like this, we won't all be here very long after all.

  18. If a person makes a decision with his brain that he has stopped believing someone, then there are objective reasons for this, which forced him to� do this. For example, the desire that a young man experienced (masturbation, which Elena writes about below) turned out to be stronger. This is perfectly normal for a carnal person who knows something about God, but has not experienced God in his life. Therefore, in such people, sinful desires easily outweigh the knowledge gained, which turned out to be useless.� � This is written in the Bible:

    …the word that was heard, not dissolved by faith, did not benefit them …
    the Bible says that in order to understand� God, you need to get closer to Him ! But not through strict compliance with the laws!This understanding of� has nothing to do with faith in God .And the idea that where God is forbidden, all sinners are just a human misunderstanding, which leads to the degradation, extinction and disappearance of faith as such.�

    But in fact, God does not forbid anything!!!!

    This is one time! And we are no longer sinners ! That's two!

    This is the revelation that every person who calls himself a “believer” should receive!

    …So why then God? – you may ask� ..

    Yes, that's just so that the kid, having rubbed holes in the place that� ACCORDING to RELIGIOUS canons, it is forbidden to touch, понял I realized that this is not happiness!. And, finally, having become a little wiser, smearing sores all in the same causal place that made me give up the so-called “faith in God”, I asked a question not to a religious “expert” of God's rules and laws, but to God Himself! Just as the Bible tells us that there are no human intermediaries between us and God. But there is still an example of a person who shows us what True Faith, True Service is, and “gives an answer to the question – why do God need us and how do we” regain the communion with Him that Adam lost?”

    …For there is one God, and there is also one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,…(the Bible)

    And now, when you even want to open it up to your knowledge, and you will know – what has God done for you? then God promises to come into your life with completely different ideas. And the religious laws that are so burdensome and annoying , God has long since abolished, because He will write� Your laws are on your heart, and you will not be able to live as before in fear of misunderstanding, because you will no longer be a carnal person, who is always burdened with a carnal life, but will become spiritual. This means that you will receive one Spirit with God. And you will think and live as God wants you to. This means that you will be FREE from all human conventions.�

    Anticipating the question: … so, is everything possible ? I'm responding:� as long as you are carnal-you can! Rub, bump, and trust whomever you want ; But answer yourself : If you are receiving the same Spirit that Jesus Christ had, will you “care” about the problems that you are now concerned about?�

    And if what you think and do is not yet in line with everything that Jesus did, then you have not yet been baptized with the Holy Spirit, which means that you continue to live like an ordinary false believer.

    That's why many people only think they believe in God! Faith is a conscious choice of a person! Rather than traditions, the fear of being judged by one's environment or the fear of doing something wrong, etc., “Uncertainty” makes one say the words: … stop believing in God…

    If a person decides to do this, then he will voluntarily make room in his head for the enemy of God-Satan! And Satan will not ask your permission. He will take control of your entire life. And such a small thing as masturbation, or the like, but still “this” weakness that won will only be the beginning of the collapse.�

    God is our loving Father. There is a parable in the Bible that confirms everything I have written about – ” The Parable of the Prodigal Son.” And while you have time, understand everything to understand that God created man for Eternal life and communion with Him! And with whom we will spend Eternity-with God, or with Satan, who will be thrown into the lake of fire, you must decide for yourself! This is the Bible and the Word of God!

    May the Lord bless you to know His Truth! Amen to that!

  19. I'm talking about Orthodoxy.

    It's just that a person didn't understand anything about it at all, and now he has finally admitted it to himself. That is, nothing changes for him, as he was in the dark, and he remains.

    But, there are also some religions, from which the further away, the better.

  20. I don't know, I didn't have some kind of intellectual search or mental rebirth or something like that. It just seemed to me that modern scientific worldviews on this world quite fully describe reality. For example, no God is needed to explain the movement of the planets, although 500-600 years ago people were burned for trying to describe the mechanism of the movement of the planets without resorting to God. Now it is simply not needed for this. And over time, there are fewer and fewer places “where God can live.” People are constantly discovering something for themselves, there are fewer and fewer blank spots in the understanding of the world, and God becomes an extra unit, some artificially introduced element on which nothing depends and nothing changes.�

    I understand that people continue to believe because they don't want to just “disappear”, they like to think that after death they will fly among the clouds from Seraphim and watch us. I don't want to “disappear” either, but just because it's wishful thinking doesn't make this option valid.�

    And in general, I like how religion distinguishes a person. He is the crown of nature, created in the image and likeness of God himself. Please explain to me why religions refuse to shower pets, for example. Or they lack loyalty , love, and other “soulful” qualities. And then this very religion declares pride to be the most dangerous sin? There are simply no words. And such contradictions are a car and a small cart. In fact, even these thoughts are enough for me to choose atheism.

  21. Nothing happens in the brain! Faith in God does not belong to the sphere of knowledge, because God is not knowable because of the structure of our brain and small power! I ask it questions, It answers me! God explains to me that I should not believe in him, but in myself! And it only helps those who fight for life, for health, for love! You just need to reach out and ask, and He doesn't refuse anyone! it's written everywhere! His law is simple: if you don't want to, make room for someone else!

  22. At the dawn of human history,the first person to stop believing in God was Adam.He knew the law that God had given him.When the serpent asked Eve if she could eat fruit from trees,she confidently pointed out God's command that they can eat fruit from trees, only fruit from the tree of good and evil are not allowed to eat,this would mean death for them.What he said next affected Eve's thinking, and then Adam's.They both believed the serpent and stopped believing God.The consequences of their disbelief are still being reaped by his descendants.And so, faith in God is not only to believe in his existence,but to believe everything that he does and says,as well as to observe his laws that are good for us, preserving our inner state of mind, instilling peace and joy in our hearts.Without God, human thinking is degraded and the lines of good and evil are blurred.

  23. When a person stops believing in God, the same thing happens as if the light in the room is turned off: the human mind is plunged into the darkness of disbelief, the true picture of the world is distorted, it begins to seem that there is only chaos and evil in the world. Most importantly, the meaning of life is lost. There is no desire to believe in nothing and go nowhere.

  24. if you believed that you were eating your god and drinking blood, and then you stopped believing in it, then you were cured


    all religions are created by cunning people for the sick in their heads, to manipulate the sick in their heads

    and if you have stopped being manipulated, then you are healthy

  25. I'd say it works the other way around. Not “I stopped believing in the supernatural and immediately started thinking differently.” To atheism, as well as to the religious worldview, as well as to any other picture of the world, a person goes a long way of discoveries.�

    Personally, I have always been interested in the religions of the world and various “non-standard” practices, teachings, and so on. I was always interested in something new, unknown, but at the same time I was always looking for the reasons and prerequisites for certain events and phenomena. As a result, the combination of a skeptical search for reasons and the ability to compare various religions of the world (especially unrelated ones, such as Islam and Shinto) in a fairly deep way (especially during training in Oriental studies) merged into a rejection of mysticism and an awareness of the commonality of many faiths.

    If you still talk about what is changing in the worldview, you start looking for non-mystical and objective reasons for everything, you start treating religion as a social construct and a social community (this is a separate topic for conversation). Well, the humble agrees to the faithful relatives and friends, so as not to offend anyone;)

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