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  1. No, not really. Life and afterlife are not exactly the same.

    Yes, the completely dead will never tell the living how “there”is. This is probably correct, we don't need to know or think about it.

    Our inner world is made up of many personal and external beliefs. I don't see any point in going there after death.

    It makes sense in life to strive for such a state, for such a perception of life, so as not to be afraid of going “there”. But, of course, not in order to stop observing traffic rules, for example, but to live honestly with yourself, with the inner and outer world.

    My personal experience of this question can be described as follows: after the death of the body, we will return to where we came from. There, in a transparent infinite space, there is nothing but “Consciousness” (this is the closest word, but it also inaccurately reflects the essence of my experience), there we set tasks for our implementation, there we will sum up the results. There, in the void, we will wait for a new journey or perish))

    p. s. I ask you to treat the last paragraph as a small invention of the author, because everyone has the right to their own “experiences”.

  2. I am leaning closer to this version, I think that after death I will fall into my imaginable world or into another reality. for example, I don't really like history, I'm more of a fan of the future, and here I am dying and getting into the universe of the cyberpunk era, but this is purely my opinion and my dreams or guesses. thank you for your attention

  3. There is no death, but only the way, the truth, and eternal life. Today I write these lines to you and 100 years will pass and you will repeat it to me in response. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don't you believe me? meet me in 100 years and see that there is no death. until communication in 100 years.)

  4. Not to take a dip, but to return. Tested the hard way), with physical evidence, the most terrible thing was to accept it, it is easier to reset the game of consciousness after exposure to high voltage, but time itself constantly throws up confirmations received there)

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