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  1. Let's imagine for a second that we can excite ALL our neurons at the same time (our body simply can't take more than a second of such bullying).

    We will immediately begin to suffer from hallucinations, because sensory neurons will make us experience absolutely all possible sensations. At the same time, motor neurons will trigger all the movements that we are capable of. And cognitive neurons… Thinking is so complex that there is hardly a single person on this planet who can tell what will happen if all the cognitive neurons are stimulated at the same time. But let's assume, for simplicity's sake, that then we start thinking all possible thoughts at the same time. And we will also experience all possible emotions. And many other things will happen that I will not write about, because there is simply not enough space here.

    Now let's look at this creature from the outside, suffering from hallucinations, twitching with convulsions, simultaneously feeling joy, horror and rage. It doesn't look very much like a creature that has improved its brain to one hundred percent efficiency!

    Conversely. Excessive brain activity is not good, but only harmful. When we eat, we don't need to run, when we sit at the computer, we don't need to sing, and if we think not only about it, but also about the birds outside the window, while solving a math problem, then this problem is unlikely to be solved. In order to think, it is not enough to THINK about something, you must also NOT THINK about everything else. It is important not only to excite the” necessary “neurons, but also to inhibit the “unnecessary” ones. You need a balance between arousal and inhibition. And the violation of this balance can lead to very sad consequences.

  2. Under such conditions, consciousness will not be able to work. He will not be able to realize anything, which means that he will not feel anything. Just as with a major epileptic seizure, a person does not remember either the seizure itself or what happened after (a certain time interval after” waking up ” disappears from memory).

    In addition, neurons cannot activate themselves, they must be triggered by lower-level information, starting with the receptors (normally).

    It is quite possible that the brain, after such jokes, will not turn back on.

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