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  1. Marijuana zombies will be more aggressive, as the craving for their “food”will increase. Cocaine may reduce your appetite, but it will make the zombies more aggressive. Heroin in sufficient quantities will reduce the functions of the zombie, and it will even become peaceful and good for a while.
    In general, given that the fresh human brain contains neurotransmitters (in fact, the same drugs), then zombies are most likely the same addicts who were blown off the roof and whose body learned to pass the same dopamine into their brain (ordinary people will not get rid of dopamine from the brain, as the blood-brain barrier will not pass it in its pure form, unlike dopamine-like psychostimulants). So it is quite realistic to justify the plot, according to which zombies are “treated” by giving them drugs in pills with synthetic dopamine and other neurotransmitters.

  2. If the zombies are dead, then they should not undergo any chemical reactions (not counting rotting).This means that the question itself is incorrect and even the most vigorous grass for them will be like peas against the wall.

  3. In the TV series “Nation Z”, the use of marijuana by zombies restored them to consciousness.

    Quote from the main character Doc:

    “Hell, we don't need a vaccine. Only billions of tons of marijuana!”

  4. If the classic rotten corpses – then nothing will happen, since there is no blood circulation and metabolism, respectively. If the sealed live people, then perhaps only physiological effects in the form of changes in blood pressure, pulse, pupil size, and behavior is unlikely to change since it is controlled by a voodoo shaman.

  5. They also have a “rotten” brain, respectively, dopamine and other hormones are not produced. This explains their eternal hunger, but it is strange then why in the movies they are able to smell and recognize the smell of blood.

    In general, the living dead are dead if they can walk, but they don't have a brain.

    Nothing will happen;)

  6. With zombies, it will be whatever the script writer comes up with.
    And since the writers of zombie books/movies can come up with anything, the answer to your question will be “anything”.�


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