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  1. Science cannot answer this question. The posthumous fate of consciousness depends entirely on whether living organisms have a soul or not, but the existence of a soul cannot be scientifically proven or disproved. If it exists, it is not recorded by any modern scientific methods. So it's a matter of faith and common sense.

  2. In this question, I was thrown a request to confirm the answer. But instead, I'll write a few words from myself.

    As already mentioned. Science cannot answer this question. However, death consists of several stages. And all I'm going to write is just a theory.

    Clinical death: respiratory and cardiac arrest. It doesn't last long. About 5 minutes. The process is reversible and quite often people who have experienced clinical death claim about the light at the end of the tunnel, as well as that they saw themselves from the outside. Well, this is due to the release of endogenous tryptamines, according to some sources, in the flesh to dimethyltryptamine, which is the cause of pupil dilation. So, on the example of dimethyltryptamine, I will say that this is a powerful hallucinogen of the psychedelic group, which is often taken by fans to expand consciousness (it is one of the most powerful drugs that can completely change consciousness), as well as this substance is contained in the shamanic drink Ayahuasca.

    Brain death: terminal irreversible stage. When the brain itself dies. The first symptom of brain death is that when the eye is pressed, the pupil also begins to deform. Then cadaverous spots and so on. That's not the point. Nothing happens to consciousness at this moment, it fades away. This is comparable to turning off the computer from the power supply. But unlike a computer, the brain will never work again.

  3. I once watched an issue about reincarnation on the BBC, where over the years of filming a documentary, only 3-5 people were found who described their past lives and the transition itself, these were children up to 7-10 years old, with age they all forgot what they were talking about, so I remember the story of one boy who said that he was killed with an axe, he described the place itself, the house where he lived, told about the cache where he hid his salary from his wife, he did not recognize his current mother and very often asked where his things, wife and house were, the film crew spent a lot of time trying to verify the boy's words in order to find all the right things., what he talked about and in the archives of a small town they found records about the very people he talked about, only they are no longer there, and there is a huge hill in place of the house, more than 80 years have passed, the last thing he said was that I am very sorry that everything happened like this. He also said that at the time of the axe blow there was a strong headache, and then he opened his eyes and saw these people, the current parents, and he was in the body of a child, for a long time he could not speak because of fright, but then he began to talk about all this… So apparently the soul or consciousness really exists, after death it leaves the body and somehow inexplicably returns back.

  4. That's it, the movie's over.Consciousness and reason remain with those who left the cinema.The darkness that remains is you.Without reason, dreams,or abilities.Just people's memories of what you were.

  5. Speaking about the scientific methods of modern science, they mean the area of its life and application that can be felt, seen, and touched… The postmortem state is not easy to feel and difficult to see. It is not impossible, but it is difficult, because every person, without exception, has a tool that can be used to study the state of consciousness after the death of the body.

    But only to use it, it must mature.

    Materialistic science produces consciousness from matter and places it in the physical brain. If the brain dies, decomposes, then the same thing happens with consciousness.

    In the very near future, the resources will start to specify – from the point of view of which science. So far, in the minds of the overwhelming majority, the concept of science is attached to the official Marxist-Leninist philosophy with permissible minor deviations in the direction of different isms. From the point of view of this particular science, a person did not exist before his birth and after death he will also sink into eternal and final non-existence.

    It would be a good idea to test science for familiarity with logic. It is precisely this fate of a person that is absolutely illogical.

  6. If you don't really go into physiological processes, then with the death of brain cells, the mind ceases to exist . There are no scientific grounds to believe that there is some kind of non-material entity that contains a person's personality. So that's the end and the curtain.

  7. The testimony of survivors of clinical death has nothing to do with the issue at all. Because this is the testimony of living people who were never dead for a second. For some reason, many people are deceived by the use of such a concept as clinical death, which in no sense is death. Therefore, all these indications are indications of the mind that has found itself in some kind of altered state due to physiological processes.�

    Something else is scary. Even if something remains after death, this something cannot be the consciousness of a person, because for this you need to be in the human body, feel, breathe, and so on and so forth. But after all, we don't want something left, we want it to be us, with our memory, etc.And this is impossible due to the fact that in the material world after death, no one is present or if present, then in some other capacity-and this is something different.�

    Think about this. You are 5 years old-is that you? Same personality as at 30? Сомн Doubtful.�

    And after drinking too much-is it the same personality and the same consciousness as in a normal sober state? Even such a small thing can lead to the fact that we were “off” from the world for a short time. What can we say about the cardinal-the disappearance of our flesh.

  8. From the point of view of science, both the mind and consciousness disappear after the death of brain cells. As a receptacle, the brain cannot support consciousness, and it itself does not go anywhere.
    This is if only science, without fairy tales about the soul, that world, time, hell and other myths.

  9. Science has proven that consciousness and reason are products of the physical and chemical activity of the brain. Therefore, after death, they completely disappear. This is also what the Bible says : “The dead know nothing”(Ecclesiastes 9: 5).

    In ancient times, people did not know about the brain and therefore came up with the so – called “soul” – a thinking substance, the functioning of which is not directly related to the body. Although according to the Bible, the soul is just a living being.(Genesis 1: 21) Because no one wants to accept death: God has “put eternity” in our hearts ( Ecclesiastes 3: 11, Macarius and Paul's translations). But why? Because He has planned for us to live forever, and promises a resurrection. (John 5: 28,29).

  10. Consciousness or mind is information stored by means of brain tissue ,the process of interaction between the cerebral cortex and the thalamus, neurons, synaptic communication, and electrical impulses. Consciousness is the work of about 100 billion nerve cells. When a person dies, electrical brain activity ceases to register in the brain and consciousness disappears. Claims that some form of consciousness persists after our bodies die and break down into their constituent atoms face one huge and insurmountable obstacle, which is that the laws of physics do not allow the information stored in our brains to persist after we die. There is a quantum field theory (QFT), according to which there is a specific field for each type of particle, and if life after death were possible, then tests on the quantum field would show “spirit particles” or “otherworldly consciousness”.

  11. It is strange that no one has even mentioned quantum immortality – this is a thought experiment that follows from the thought experiment with quantum suicide and claims that according to the multi-world interpretation of quantum mechanics, beings with the ability to self-consciousness are in a certain sense immortal.

  12. Actually, nothing out of the ordinary! Take the bag, and take steps…and abruptly release the handles of the bag.The bag is your body.But!!! Since the bag has content! This is always take my word for it…the contents are carefully tidied up so that they don't lie around in the backyards of eternity.Well, it's up to you…what content you want'one bag…for the time of earth days! Decent….cleaned up in a worthy lot, unsightly and shameful … disposed of.Well, the precious is put on a beautiful shelf, under a glass … and always stored carefully.What scares you??? You probably carry precious things in your purse-body!?

  13. In general, the consciousness of the Mind and the program consciousness of the Ego (survival), is generalized by the word with knowledge/generalized knowledge / combined into knowledge of everything in everything or partially of it, in consciousness, as everything in everything, but not equal to it. Image, photo and its actual photographing area.

    As for the consciousness of the Ego's installation programs, these are clear programs of behavior in certain extreme situations, preserving the life of the physical person. bodies.(like a stopcock and vice versa, figuratively)

    There is another consciousness that is not Under, but Above the consciousness of the Ego and Mind and really The Past experience of vividly sealed situations, which I have in mind as the right solution and always prompt the Mind (whether it is aware of the subconscious or not or accepts as its insight)

    What science thinks today, I personally do not know, but all this will be similar to religion(all without exception) or esoteric teachings, that is, in fact, distractions from reality.

    What really happens after disconnecting / collapsing the minds and control devices of the physical body is that the body frees itself from the tone in the bubble and its coagulation/swelling, the body becomes unmanageable and with a certain period of time not suitable for use /revival.

    There are some points here that neither doctors nor any devices are able to control the degree of disconnection of the entire or partial output, where there are different levels of it. In general, there is another moment when there are no obvious injuries to the physical body or partial, but a person who is in such a suspended state by signs is neither alive nor dead. As an example, the monk Itigelov.

    In this state, the consciousness was turned off, this form is stupidly used by puppeteers to promote religion and beyond the capabilities of his / her / person, although they forget who and why and are accordingly led to the message.

    As for the consciousnesses of the Ego, Mind and Past experience, since they are not specifically located in the physical body, but nevertheless their programs are replaced with new ones, under the incarnation according to the new Fate/program, which is also coordinated with the consciousness of Past experience. That is, a new incarnation of this personality does not occur, but there is an allotment of the Past, which, as if with the accumulation of generalized experience, pursues some bright past in the past, or there is some connection with the physical. the body.

    Genetic DNA of physical bodies, genera and nations, shells are like vessels/pots where new consciousnesses sit down. Figuratively speaking, to understand the question. That there would be no rejections, during conception, parents are also selected as carriers of genetics precisely through their consciousness in their bodies, as temporarily fixed.

    Thus, having answered the question as a summary briefly, then there is simply a replacement of the fate program taking into account the past and filling new programs into the consciousness of the Ego and Mind for implementation in a new physical body, where there is also a selection of similarities in consciousness, even simple similarities.

  14. Science is in its infancy in the study of how the brain works. We need to determine the interaction of the brain with the world space. Most of the brain, regardless of us, works for some objects in the world, and the accumulated material, after death, sends these objects. Apparently there are biological waves that we can't measure. This is confirmed by the flash of brain activity after death.

  15. From the point of view of a science that doesn't know what consciousness is?

    I can answer from the point of view of Christ, who is also not in science, although the Teaching of Christ is Science.

    Consciousness will remain after death, because it is not in the body.

    We have it from God, and it is the stream that Christ (os) calls Spirit.

    What about the mind?

    Well, what kind of mind do people have if they have lost Christ and therefore don't even know Who They are?

  16. First, answer the questions: “Are you able to accept that life can exist not only in material form? Do you admit that You are not a bag of meat and bones designed to absorb food, digest it, and defecate, but something bigger with a much higher purpose?” If both answers are positive, then you probably assume the existence of a soul. If that's the case, then you've probably also heard about reincarnation. All this is quite real, but scientifically unprovable. It is worth accepting that our science is not perfect. As, in general, the person himself is not perfect. And, by the way, none of the modern sciences deals with the study of the soul. It's understandable. It is impossible to prove its existence scientifically and materially. This concept lies on a different plane. This means that it does not exist, according to our scientists. If you want proof, you won't get it until you're dead. More precisely, until your current material body dies 🙂

  17. From the point of view of science, ” consciousness “is rather not a very clear medical concept, and” mind ” is rather a philosophical one. Consciousness, as a medical concept, disappears from the moment of impaired brain functioning. “Post-mortem” memories appear after returning to consciousness and, after all, are a description of the experience. And modern psychology claims that most of the description of events is thought out and completed by the brain. Those of the reanimated comrades who remember something-and there are very few of them-describe a wide variety of pictures – there is a lot of literature about this. By the way, they are not objective and reproducible evidence of the existence of the afterlife.

    And with the mind is more interesting! For the convinced idealist, for whom “I think-I exist”, the whole world exists as a function of his awareness-mind. No science exists outside of my mind, and neither does the whole world. As soon as the picture, sound, and other sensations disappear-do not get lost, create a new universe, taking into account past flaws, bugs, etc. I highly recommend this concept!

    As for the materialistic objective-scientific view – the concept, frankly, is mediocre both in terms of persuasiveness (although there are many adherents at the present time) and grandiosity (not very impressive!)

    First, adherents usually do not say that this is also a belief – there are axioms: the world exists objectively. I, for one, am not sure about this. In general, it is correct, but there are still some doubts. Second, as a matter of course, the world is governed not by God, but by Laws. Type-Logos! These laws are constant everywhere in our universe, the entire existence of the world, and they are written in the language of mathematics. Not my idea, to be honest, Prigozhin has it in his chaos theory. Let's face it)). Here we have the Constitution being changed now, not to mention the Administrative Code – why have the laws of physics never changed? If someone with a stopwatch was standing at 13 billion dollars. years ago at the singularity point…

    And about followers. The Koran has been read by millions of followers, millions know it by heart, or almost by heart, according to the Talmud, in some difficult questions, you can consult a rabbi. And how many people can reproduce formulas about the singularity?

    If you are close to this materialistic worldview, the electrical activity of the brain quickly fades, neural connections are destroyed, which means that there will be no particularly vivid experiences in this state.

    It would be interesting to find studies on how personality traits, character, and beliefs changed in those who were resuscitated with some delay, when irreversible changes in the brain had already begun…

  18. If you add to all the above answers that time is not a constant value for our brain. Because the brain can compress and stretch time, and this is easy to check: try to watch the second hand for an hour and this time will seem like an eternity to you. So, given this, we can assume that the last seconds in our minds stretch out for eternity… Hence the formula for death: Serotonin + hallucinations + Eternity = Heaven(or anything else, even a computer game. The main thing is that thanks to serotonin hallucinations will be pleasant)

  19. From the point of view of science, we can answer a slightly different question: what happens to a person and his consciousness around the moment of death?

    Answer: the person loses consciousness. This is guaranteed to happen because the supply of oxygen to the nerve cells stops.

    Basically, people say that during a fainting fit, literally nothing happens. You can lie unconscious for a few minutes, but for the victim it's just “closed-opened eyes”. There is no reason to think that anything special will happen if the fainting spell lasts forever and the eyes never open.

    As for the original question, an analogy with the process of executing a program on a computer will help. What happens to the execution process when the power is suddenly turned off? It is difficult to say, because the very concept of a process loses its meaning in this case.

  20. Human thought processes are mortal, as are the” thought processes ” of a computer. as long as there is no access to the “network”… �hints of this are everywhere. �

    But Spidey also thinks he's the crown. in his burrow. �Is it worth �(self)the consciousness of a person in order to preserve it.

  21. everyone who answers about life after death and dark tunnels with light for those who have experienced clinical death psychics, astrology and other scam is dedicated:

    there is a certain speed at which signals from the receptors get into the brain-processed – analyzed, slow down this speed twice – you are already a brake, at three you look like an autistic person, at four you are a vegetable.Stop – you get into a new, better world with angels and flutes(no, nah, nah)
    Take away the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain, add the breakdown of proteins responsible, among other things, for processing your porridge in the head, necrosis, putrefaction. We are machines that work as long as millions of impulses move through our central nervous system, no more.
    And fairy tales about the afterlife, yeah… here you can prove, explain, argue
    , but you know that the stronger you believe, the more truthful it will be, cause-and-effect relationships scare you . It is easier for children to explain that there is no Santa.

  22. Until official science revises the concept of fact as a fundamental criterion of truth, which can be repeated many times to anyone who wants, it will not be able to even come close to this problem, which means that it will deny it, because science is embarrassed to admit itself ignorant.

    Very scientific…

    Science carefully pretends to be unfamiliar with the” Tibetan Book of the Dead “and the” Egyptian Book of the Dead”, which describe in more detail the near-death and post-death processes of the body and consciousness of the dying person.

    Science also knows that one of the stages of yoga – Raja Yoga, postulates that a person consists of a body and soul, each of which consists of many elements, which after the death of the body – cease to be a unity, and disintegrate, each returning to its own world: the elements of the body – to the earth, and the elements of the soul – to the astral world.

    Science lies, and the reason for its lies is that it protects the interests of the government, which is extremely beneficial to the ignorance of the population, since it is the main goal of the government to rule people in its own interests and at the expense of people.

    Knowledge is a door that is always open.

  23. information = energy, energy does not disappear, but only changes its shape. I believe that what we fill ourselves with in life(hobbies, vivid memories, interests, etc.), then we will stay alive after death

  24. There are two answers to this question: simple and complex.

    Plain: from the point of view of “science” in the common sense of the word, consciousness does not exist. There are physical, chemical, and neural processes, and on the other hand, there is behavior – in particular, speech behavior, which is used to report internal mental states that are called ” consciousness.” At the moment of death, the behavior of the system called “human” ceases; even if we assume that some mental processes are taking place, we are not able to get information about them, which means that it is superfluous to assume them. The physical, chemical, and biological processes that accompany life are simply replaced by other processes that accompany decomposition.

    Complex: from the point of view of what science? Physics, chemistry, and biology are not interested in consciousness (hence the first answer). Neurophysiology has a very complex relationship with the existence of consciousness, which is the subject of much discussion between scientists and philosophers. Psychology (also a science) deals with consciousness as long as it can communicate with it, that is, its subject is not only death, but also, for example, a deep coma or loss of consciousness (if this is official psychology). In principle, the concept of “death “is quite problematic for biology and medicine (as is the concept of”life”). Exactly what moment should be considered death is still a debatable issue for biomedical ethics. In general, the attempts of various sciences to answer this question usually lead to the fact that the discussion turns into the field of philosophy, where the philosophy of consciousness is one of the leading areas.

  25. What's out there in the other world? “I asked the old man,

    Enjoying�wine in the тиш silence�of the cellar.�

    “Drink up!” – Ответил Answered -�The road�there�is far,�

    None of the “departed”have ” returned”yet…


  26. Do you remember yourself before you were born? Correctly. It will be the same after your death. Our consciousness is formed with the activity of our brain, as soon as the brain dies-You go back to the moment before you were born. Every second a person finds the answer to this question, but he can't tell it anymore.

  27. There will be absolutely nothing, literally nothing. I.e. everything will be the same as before yours.

    The answer is as clear as possible, twenty-four more letters up to 140 characters, yes.

  28. I don't think we can give an answer yet. We don't even have enough imagination to clearly imagine what will happen. Speaking of myself, I just don't know. Previously, I was inclined to believe that after death we, or rather it will no longer be us, will relive the birth and so on. But we can't remember everything that happened, it's already clear. But then I thought, how is this possible? If this is true, then why this particular individual? Then the thought made my head boil. And I remained with the old opinion:�

    “No one knows… For now-

  29. That the human brain does not work at its full capacity); but only 18-20% is used ( if I'm not mistaken), which means that the remaining 80% is blocked so that it does not interfere with living an earthly life and growing spiritually.

  30. No amount of science will give you the answer to this question. Why? Because this area of knowledge does not have the evidence base on which any science stands. This area of knowledge has to do with faith. What you are asking concerns the human soul. And who will tell you in detail about the human soul? Correctly. Only religion.

  31. “I think, therefore I exist.” so there are two options:

    1. Science fiction. Thought is immortal, it's just a bunch of pure energy so just shake off the unnecessary shell and fly into Space) The scientific fact that the brain produces an electromagnetic field and thought is a small impulse that causes it to perturb, one of the marginal branches of science claims that this is where consciousness is stored.

    2. A real one. Although the brain produces an em field and although consciousness can be stored there, when the brain dies, it will simply disappear without energy supply. Bang and darkness. You don't think or exist. You're not here.

    P.S. I just thought about it. But if consciousness is stored in this field, then humanity may well be an energetic existence that has become parasitic on monkeys… In general, beyond the edge, we will find out the answers to all your questions)

  32. I generally come to the conclusion that humanity has a single mind, but different personalities. Here I was not before birth for an eternity (is it an eternity?), and then I appeared. Why did I show up? Why am I just me, and not that aunt on the street? Why do I feel like myself instead of her? And why I feel like a separate person at all. Why don't I exist forever, and there would be other people, but not me. Or maybe I always exist, but in different bodies? I'm talking specifically about self-awareness and reason. Each body has its own characteristics, genes, and developmental conditions that shape character. This is how we differ. But do we differ in the essence of self-awareness and reason? It looks like it's the same for everyone. In other words, when I die, the personality characteristic of this particular body is erased, because the neural connections and those genes, the memory that made my body special, die. But at the same time, many new people are being born on Earth. The moment I die, or later, a new mind is born. But is this a new mind? This is a new personality, new genes, new conditions, but is it a new mind? Or the same one) The brain structure is the same for everyone, the principle of operation is the same. The same neurons that are identical to others. Basically, we copy each other (our brains) like identical cars. What makes us different is something else. I think that when you die, you are born again, just with a different personality, but with the same self-awareness. You will also separate yourself from others, but have a different personality, not remember other incarnations, but feel yourself again from scratch.

  33. Famously, some “close the curtain”. But the famous Bekhterev was more modest, saying: “I can't explain, I don't dare to deny it.” His daughter, Academician Bekhtereva, director of the Brain Institute during her lifetime, said that “there is no death”(I generalize), and she wrote many books on this topic. And in general- ” There are many things in the world, friend Horatio, that our wise men never dreamed of.”

  34. What exactly is happening, we will never know for sure. I can confidently say one thing. When you or I die, we will have absolutely no pain, no fear, no pity for anyone, including ourselves. We just need to realize in advance that after death we will not see the suffering of our loved ones and all the ensuing consequences.

  35. Science has no definition of consciousness. There is also a lack of understanding of the nature of the human mind. And the definition of life given by science is hardly suitable for studying the problems of non-existence. Therefore, the question itself is outside the scientific field. And the pseudoscientific answers to it are no better than the assumptions of Macarius of Alexandria about the journey of the soul.

  36. From the point of view of science, there is no special evidence. But an interesting fact is that when information is transmitted from one device to another via Bluetooth, for example, this information “floats” through the air over the distance. The same applies to radio waves of different frequencies or other methods. But then why is it that a person after death is not able to move his “personal information” to another brain located nearby ? It's like a question and answer, comrades. Think about it. 😉

  37. There is a series in House.

    “Now, imagine that without the waking up on the couch part.”

    Now imagine the same thing, but without the part about waking up on the couch.

    In fact, you were already dead. Before you were born. And how is it?

  38. How easy it is to simply deny all these mystical phenomena. How many people and with what pride and arrogance write: “Yes, there is nothing there. What are you doing?”. If you think about it, many things that exist now, in ancient times, were considered the delirium of a madman. Personally, I like the principle-first study, understand the subject, and then judge.
    Until recently, I explained all these fictions about ghosts, heaven and hell, and life after death very simply. A person cannot stand the fact that he will never be there and his existence will be interrupted. Because of this, he invents all sorts of byaka. A kind of psychological defense mechanism.
    My life changed and a loved one died. Oh, my explanation quickly broke down. Not that I believed in an afterlife, but I hoped fervently. But that's not what I'm talking about. A year after my death, I moved to the apartment where my relative lived. I was absolutely certain that nothing would happen to me. For all these fairy tales are the ravings of a madman? One day, when I was getting ready for work, and was already putting on my coat in the hallway, the door handle jerked in front of me. Well, it bent a little (about half of its capabilities). I probably didn't realize what had happened for 5 seconds. I then noted to myself that I myself did not touch the handle in any way (I just stood far away) and that she herself could not bend like that (how? This door didn't even have a lock. A mechanical spasm? Something for all my life never such spasms did not occur). Okay, well, figs with her. Twitched and twitched. Things happen. After a while, when I ran out of the apartment in horror, my mother calls me and asks in a frightened voice how I am doing. Although there was no reason to do so.As it turned out, she had a bad dream and it was directed at me. As if hinting at my death.�
    Well, what about science? It only seems from the outside that there are capital truths. If only. When you find yourself on the other side, you realize that everything in science is controversial and nothing is accurate. Now it is believed that the mind and consciousness of a person ceases to exist after death. Facts that contradict this are considered nonsense.
    I don't know what happens after death. But right now I can hardly believe that there is nothing further. I'm not talking about religion (I still think it's nonsense). Is there something we just don't know? Something we can't even think of.
    Or maybe it's just the delirium of a frightened person: (

  39. There will be no answer, because it was given (at different levels of abstraction) by ARTEM YEGOROV and some of the commenters in the top.

    But how it burns from these “reincarnations” and other “creators” in the question that ends with the words”from the point of view of science”.

    From the point of view of science, you are not “bags of meat and bones”, but the crown of evolution, an incredible creature in terms of complexity of its device. A creature that has a second signal system of the highest level of development, the ability to self-knowledge, self-awareness and analysis (not at the level of “painful-bad, pleasant-good”, but at the level of constructing models of different levels of abstraction).
    A creature whose every part and subsystem has gone through thousands of stages of selection and modification. As evidenced by many elements that are now rudimentary, do not provide backward compatibility and are not used at all.
    A creature whose reason for existence, like any other on earth, is to ensure the survival of the species. In what, I dare say, we are damn good, no one from terrestrial predators threatens us any more, and in a couple of decades space disasters of a local nature will not be terrible.�

    With this approach (bags of meat) and paintings by Rembrandt, Bosch and Raphael can be called “a dirty piece of canvas”, PC – “a piece of metal and plastic”.
    It's time to lobby the movement to protect the feelings of atheists. (Phit-ha)

  40. Many people here are a bit delusional. First, psychology and neuroscience are essentially the study of the same thing, but at different levels of abstraction. An analogy, for example, is the study of programming as a set of different instructions, or through the processor device, memory levels, and so on. Just different levels of the same thing. Second: consciousness is a collection of neurons and their interactions with each other, and various emotions are the excitation of certain areas of the brain under the influence of certain mediators. Death is a definite concept and occurs at the moment when a critical number of brain cells die, which then loses its integrity, our entire body is a factory for feeding the brain . Now about death. Imagine your computer and that you have run a program on it that works on the basis of a neural network (that is, a miniature model of our brain, very primitive, but reflecting its full essence), so you ask it to calculate or draw something, it does it, and then you take and turn off the computer from the network. Question: do you really think that at this time she continues to work on your tasks or flew to the sky to finish them there?
    If so, then at least here you have violated many fundamental laws of physics. But the only difference between a neural network, like a computer program, and our brain is that we have more connections ,and there are various mediators and so on, which complicates it, and that we use a chemical method of transmitting information. the computer uses electrons, which means that it has a transfer rate several orders of magnitude higher (because the transfer rate of a chemical pulse with ions is several meters per second, and the movement of electrons is close to the speed of light), than it is in front of us, by the way.

  41. Science is not even able to answer the question of what is consciousness, what is personality in this mortal life of a person, and you want it to answer the question of his post-mortal state.

    But there is still an answer to this question. It's not scientific, but it's there-You need to go directly to someone who understands it one hundred percent.�

    If there is a God, then he will answer you in detail (since God is omnipotent, then his answer will be very powerful, that is, one that you will not doubt). If there is no Creator, the answer is obvious: death is the end of both life and consciousness.�

    I used this particular retype, by the way, it is the most reasonable – to ask someone who knows exactly, so I know the exact answer.

  42. Since our universe is large enough, we can assume that every particle in our brain has a corresponding “quantum entangled particle” somewhere. And as you know , the mind is just a collection of random electrical impulses between neurons. Therefore, perhaps, after death, our mind remains to exist, but already as a part of the universe.

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