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  1. Well, tea and coffee, as for me, are generally not effective things. Power, yes, invigorates, only if you need to ship bags. I only tried it once, and as a result, I stayed up all night. Moved furniture, walked around the city, etc. I couldn't sit still, much less sleep. The coffee, oddly enough, makes me sleepy. Washing only when you are very sleepy helps a little. The only thing that always helped out – phys. exercises. Early in the morning, forcing yourself to exercise is monstrously difficult (however, you get used to it over time), but the effect is really good. At least ten minutes, more is better. Of course, this is a personal experience, no objectivity.

  2. Pu-erh tea is wonderfully invigorating, even better than coffee. You can also ventilate the room so that it is exactly cool. Laughing helps someone – you can watch funny videos 🙂 and do not forget about food – the body needs energy to stay in good shape, so you can eat something sweet without a twinge of conscience, so that the blood sugar level rises, and the body receives the necessary calories.

  3. Do something that causes fear. I'm very afraid of spiders, for example. If I took one in my hands and let it go for a run , it would cheer me up 100%. Or call an unknown number (fear of communication by phone). You never know…

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