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  1. There are no such signs that certify objective reality. And this is the hundredth time I've answered a similar question. Variations consist only of primary states: “I'm in a coma”, “I'm in a game”, “I'm in the matrix”, “I'm a brain in a jar” , etc. To avoid replying for the first time, take a look at my numerous responses in my profile – everything is described in detail there.

  2. You write:

    “Suddenly I'm actually in a coma and my mind is faking even writing this question.”

    And you ask a friend to pinch you. If you feel it, then it's real. 😊

  3. No way, it's a matter of faith. All we can do is be consistent (don't change your gloves on the go, depending on … unknown source of “mood swings”).

    There are two independent and incompatible approaches (accepted without proof, like axioms and definitions in mathematics):

    Silypsism – everything that happens to me, around me and myself is an illusion.

    Realism – everything that happens to me, around me and myself is reality.

    All other “approaches” are just a mixture of them (this can already be shown and proved). Moreover, the mixture is unacceptable (contradictory) and therefore obviously false.

    Solipsism cannot be refuted from the standpoint of realism (for it, solipsism is unacceptable “by definition”), just as realism cannot be confirmed or refuted from the standpoint of Solipsism.

    And there is simply nothing “third” (everything else is a mixture of them), so there is no “arbitrator” who could judge objectively which of them is “right”.

    I, for example, am a consistent realist, and therefore I look for the real causes of any illusions and “emulations” and … find them (very successfully, huge experience), so I methodically get rid of everything that does not correspond to reality in myself.

    The solipsist doesn't even need to search, he has the same answer to everything, he also explains everything – this is an illusion.

    It is therefore much easier to be a consistent solipsist than a consistent realist. And that's why people are so fond of coming up with “universal explainers” (I came up with them and explained everything at once, and “you don't have to worry”). Of course, it's easier to explain everything in this way (with your hypocrisy), but by doing this you deprive yourself of the opportunity to use these ” explanations “with success to change your own and other people's lives for the better (or you have to always” introduce “your opinions by force or by deception), and then look for” enemies ” who are to blame for the fact that such a wonderful idea

    Choose any one and follow it. One thing allows you to explain everything that exists to yourself easily and simply, but you can not influence anything without wild efforts and hassle. The other, on the contrary, allows you to implement everything easily and clearly (without enemies and miracles) in life, but it will be very difficult and “expensive”to understand and explain something convincingly (even to yourself).

  4. It is unlikely that you would dream of such a tedious and long pandemic, for example. Well, in general: well, even if so, what does it change? You'll never know for sure.

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