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  1. The easiest way in this case is to start not from sports, but from people. It may very well be that you are not yet familiar with either smart physical activity or its gentle and competent implementation. And you are not bored by sports, but by the unsympathetic environment and methods that this sport was offered to you. Don't feel wrong and don't be prepared to compromise. Check out various sports communities and groups in social networks. Look at the people who represent them. If you find something interesting, try talking to them. Mb your vocation is equestrian sports or fencing, and not at all dull squats in front of a mirror or running

  2. I can advise you to try trampoline jumping, a rather interesting sport that is now gaining popularity. Perfectly develops endurance, coordination and the body as a whole. Trampoline activities will be enough to keep your muscles toned. Everyone who was advised or taken to jump with them was satisfied )

  3. Try working out with a personal trainer. In this case, you will never be able to skip training, pohalyavit and you will not be bored, because there will also be some communication.

  4. Bored? Bored at the gym? And, in my opinion, you are just a freebie.

    Increase the intensity of your workouts. But, most importantly, gradually.

    The stress of training with heavy weights releases a huge number of hormones, which after completing the approach give great pleasure. If you do not experience stress and discomfort while performing them, then the release of these hormones will be extremely insignificant and you will get almost no pleasure – hence the boredom.

    See, for example, how Arnold Schwarzenegger trained. Which of these photos shows that he is bored?


  5. Boredom should not be an obstacle to your studies. I will not advise you to take a walkman with you to practice or come up with some kind of entertainment program. As a sport, this is a great reason to unload your head and be alone with yourself! If you work all day, then your brain is constantly processing tons of information, busy with something. Give it a break, no need to keep bombarding it with an avalanche of data during classes. Relax and practice.

    And what to do with boredom…? Boredom may be a painful need for someone who is used to constant new information. In this state, there is nothing good and you do not need to go along with it. When you start classes after a busy day, the amount of data flow you take in is dramatically reduced. This is especially true for monotonous exercises in the gym and running. Therefore, the brain begins to experience information withdrawal to demand a new dose…

    The danger of this is that when you are constantly loaded with information, your brain quickly tires and wears out. So take a break during your classes. Calm monotonous exercises are not only good for the body, but also give your head a rest.

    And boredom must be endured. Don't be afraid, then you will get used to it, think about something during classes. Learning to be alone with yourself is a very useful skill.

    For example, a coach or a season ticket for a year, and so on .. A coach is good, but this will not solve anything globally, you will depend on the coach, that is, the productivity of training will be extremely small on your own, I advise you to think about whether you need sports, sports first of all should develop character, willpower, personal qualities, and then the body and muscles…

    If self-control , strong will And so on are important to you, then you will endure.. Think about what you're doing it for !!

    Good classes..!

  6. Find sports activities that you like. The year 2016 includes more than one type of yoga, fitness, dance, and training programs. I live in St. Petersburg, where you can find various sports from swimming to zumba. If you want, you can find everything.

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