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  1. This has already been discussed quite a lot in science fiction stories. In 1925, the novel “The Head of Professor Dowell”was written. If you go back to our time, then why and why is it, when all the movement is already going to artificial intelligence. I am sure that if the professor had the opportunity to press the self-destruct button, he would do this immediately, as well as every person can not stand it either emotionally or mentally.

    Now for the body and brain. There is nothing more perfect than the human body.

    There are many centers in the brain that control the homeostasis of the whole organism, not just the organs of perception. In this case, it would be necessary to cut out more than half of the brain.

    Would consciousness have been preserved? It depends on what is meant by consciousness. There are many interpretations. For example, it is already proven that the brain is not a generator of thoughts. It only processes them received from outside.

    Why am I writing and responding to this? Because now there is a process of humiliating the human person, sometimes reducing it almost to an animal state. Each person is unique, created in the image and likeness of God. Each person is a whole universe.

    Therefore, thinking about such topics will lead a person into the unknown wilds of their own consciousness and psyche, far from positive, from which it will be very, very difficult to get out.

  2. Fly to Proxima Centauri, and-in general, beyond the Solar system is better in the form of a superset, since suspended animation is still a fairy tale (saving in mass, and, most importantly, in physiological needs)… This set (4 kilograms) consists of a brain, an eye, an ear(internal), all sorts of glands, a liter of blood, a supply of stem cells (50 grams – for treatment and restoration of the body in the colony on an exoplanet) and-everything. You can live fully in the virtual world (this is still possible in a primitive form), and – as usual-spend the evening after work in a dirty tavern in Rio, stoned and drunk, and fall asleep with a mulatto woman on the beach( and all this while in a flask, and no one will know about it.)…

    If we talk about the current harsh reality, then I really want to work… on Mars. Elon Musk, regardless of his personal qualities, is no longer an entrepreneur, he has become a spiritual phenomenon that gives meaning to life to a billion people who have not forgotten their childhood dream of star roads. A hundred spacewalkers in his spacecraft, paying $ 100 million for a ticket, will recapture a paltry $ 10 billion – a small fraction of the cost. Yes, and I don't have those 100 million yet, and I would fly one way if they called (but they don't call). I want to find out to what extent I could physically reduce my body now, with the current level of science, in order to minimize my mass, and, most importantly, my physiological needs, because driving rovers and doing other work at 30% of Earth's gravity can be reduced, and I, even as a worker (and you can't do without them), would be accepted on board, and

    First, cut off the legs, left arm, spleen, buttocks, and pectoral muscles on the left. This will immediately give a 60% reduction in weight. With my mass of 90 kg, we get 36 kg (on Mars, my weight will be 12 kg). Can I remove my pelvis? Or maybe half of your spine? I have seen many people with immobile legs, but active hands and a working body. The pelvis can be replaced with a light carbon fiber structure, on which to hang the organs and necessary muscles (cut off the gluteal muscles.). Is it possible to do the same with the ribs, replacing them with plastic, because the ribs do not have bone marrow, but weigh (with muscles) a lot? I would remove (replace with plastic) all the teeth-not because of their mass, but because of the need for a dentist, and also with the help of chemistry I would kill all the hair follicles-also not because of the mass, but because of the need for hair care… Don't touch your ears.

    So, in my humble opinion, it is already possible to reduce your mass by 70% for a flight to other planets(physiological needs will decrease only by 50% – due to the large needs of the brain). Organs tuned to 100% of the mass will perk up, rest, earn half, and even a third of their strength, which will undoubtedly add to my health, my weight on Mars will be a measly 9 Earth kilograms, and I will live there for 100 years, but this is not what the case is being started for.. I wonder what doctors will say about this – what other optional organs are there in the human body?.

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