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  1. This is very likely.

    Millions of computer simulations are already running in our world, which means that in any case there are much more simulations than the realities where computers were invented by mankind. This means that you are more likely to be born in a simulation.

    In any case, our reality is a simulation of reality in the brain that only vaguely resembles what is “actually” happening there in physics.

    The only difference is whether the other players are real or they are “non-characters” and you are the only real person here. When you realize that you are in a game world, yes, it can be incredibly disappointing that the person you truly loved, the care of whom you considered the meaning of your life, is actually only a figment of your imagination or a character of the game creator. This is really very painful.

    But then you remember how you sometimes cry over a good book because you love a character there? It was 100% made up. If it's not a shame to fall in love with a character in a book, then it shouldn't be a shame to fall in love with someone in the game world.

    In all rational aspects, it doesn't matter at all whether we are in reality or in simulation. A person will collect information, analyze, refine their model of the world, and act in the same way.

  2. As a matter of fact, it happens to me every night. I am immersed in this world and can control it. At any time, I can click “PAUSE”, go to the toilet and continue from the place I need. I can even correct the plot.

  3. A man without a soul – Robot

    An unconscious person is an animal

    And, isn't my consciousness placed by someone in a protein computer, which, unlike modern gadgets, provides for itself, restores (heals) and creates its own kind???.

    At the same time, he uses, enjoys, admires everything that exists in the world and even his own kind (a woman for a man, a man for a woman).

    The world in which I live is the WORLD around me.

    To perceive the world around you as something indefinite means to indulge your own weaknesses. Even the angels, before declaring themselves, strive to play the most significant game of all games called protein Life. Or the embodiment of the consciousness of each individual mind into the living substratum of developing minds.

    In fact, everyone in the world is both a Life and a Player.

    And in this game, as in any other invented by the person himself, there are rules, duties and requirements, the failure to comply with which promise a fall, up to the imminent physical destruction for any reason.

    Is the consciousness placed in a computer capable of experiencing a fit of nausea from reading the banal question that served as the starting point in writing this comment???.

    Play with Life, once the experience is gained, everything else is a tool.

    my opinion.

  4. In essence, “Consciousness “is a” body of knowledge ” and nothing more. “Consciousness” is one of the main energy components, the energy essence of a person-the Soul. The computer itself, in principle, consists of a “set of knowledge” – various kinds of information and its own kind, performs a certain “manipulation” with them, which in principle corresponds to human logic – logical thinking. But the computer does not yet have a Soul with its main-root energy components: the subconscious, the mind, and the most important Self (yours, mine, or someone else's)- A person. A non-repeating component-Souls. Therefore, put my “Consciousness”(body of knowledge)in the computer this does not mean that “I” was placed there as a Person. In turn, when answering this question, I enter my knowledge-thinking, information – into the computer, and this is normal and does not cause resentment. The person himself, we can cautiously assume, is also a “computer” only more powerful-with its very complex, very powerful ” power supply unit.” As well as all the components that are in the “computer” even much more. And more complex and more adapted, more powerful and ultra-modern, etc. components-created by the Creator. And human life activity is essentially the same “game”. And it is not necessary to “push” anyone, anywhere.

    This is my personal opinion and I do not claim that this is the case, and I am not going to argue or prove anything. Or offend anyone. They just asked me and I gave my opinion and that's it.

  5. If this had happened against my will, I would have been looking forward to seeing all of its “creators”in it. After all, if the game was created, then someone has to watch it. And if he observes, then he is in it to some extent. Over time, usually, this distance (“observer-player”) is reduced to a minimum and participants in the action can even switch places.

  6. Not once.. where is the proof that this world is not virtual? Artificial intelligence is good, and it differs from natural intelligence only in its man-made nature and nothing more.. if we assume that the world and people were created by God – everything is virtual.. and if from the point of view of atheism and materialism-everything is meaningless, which is much worse than virtual life, endowed with meaning by its creator, so that it certainly wasn't boring.. but consciousness in iron is immortal, not in meat .. you can learn local magic – to add the world to yourself.. well, according to the canon – to throw fireballs and fly.. create an academy of magic, in short, make the world the way you like it.. tmb if killed, also respawn from the last save.. it's cool.. better than being sick and dying..

  7. As far as I know, there are bugs in games, and the larger the game, the more opportunities there are for bugs. So far, no bugs have been detected in the observable universe.

  8. Looking for a way out into the real world.

    I once had a dream that I lost my memory. The world around us is not like that at all. First of all, I give myself the installation – do not be afraid, keep yourself in control, turn on logic. I'm wearing an orange hazmat suit, and I'm holding a crowbar, which means Freeman, Gordon Freeman. Where should I go? Here's a town nearby. Probably there. Why? And there is no other road. Why should I go there? Maybe I'll meet someone and ask them where the exit is. The dream ended there.

    Woke up. I still don't understand why that would be. But I behaved correctly in this situation.

  9. In short, it is at least somehow different from real life)))

    In general, as for me, this is just a great way to get a new “experience”.

    I would like to visit universes similar to Valv Universe or Stalker…

  10. The realization that you are locked in something against your will is not acceptable for a developed personality.

    A person will immediately start looking for a way out of the world of illusions, you can play illusions, but not for long, somewhere in the subconscious there will always be a feeling that this is unreality.

    Otherwise, people would not wake up from a pleasant dream, people would not stop drinking or using drugs. People in general would not be disconnected from pleasant hallucinations, but our brain, our consciousness is always alert, the border between illusion and death is always felt.

  11. If you think a little, and not study philosophy with natural logic, you can find one superficial answer: consciousness is an indissoluble system of brain mechanics.

    You can copy and transfer my image of consciousness to another shell, but this will not make this image of consciousness me. Because it will be a representative copy – a simulacrum.

    Separately, you can watch an episode from “Black Mirror – White Christmas”: https://youtu.be/bmGmAcofl6Y

  12. I would divide this problem into two: is it a shame? No.

    Resentment is an emotion of disappointed expectations. I.e., when you expected kindness or neutrality from a person, and he let you down.

    Most likely, I would have felt anger.

    At the same time, along the way, I found out for myself questions: is there a way to get back out, including against the will of the one who put my consciousness in the game?

    Who can make such a decision and what is needed for this?

    What is the game cycle? What will be a victory and what will be a defeat? What are the rules and laws of this game world, what are the dangers and opportunities, as well as whether the game conditions are favorable for me and whether I can get some preferences in the beginning. Can I have allies and antagonists, whether death is possible in this game and what will happen after.

    Having found out all the possibilities, I will choose the most optimal option for my future existence. Perhaps even after receiving the key to return , I will play the game if it is interesting and allows you to gain new experience.

  13. yes, all the way, and that's what we're going for. but you don't need to run the game like a puppet , break the physical laws inside it. you can create a semi-utopia, a series of experiments, where can you go without them?! and the main experiment : there time goes ” smart for a small external “, and a person lives hundreds of years inside for months of external work . and whether the consciousness of a person will bear the fact that eternal life has finally come. because faith is faith , and when it comes to the forehead, it is a problem of the hearts . “I'll never die ! there will always be small problems that were solved in one place or time ,but will definitely arise again! “these screams are fatal. and the guess that you were shoved into the PC brain to mock, this thought causes anger , and it remains only to survive the term of the system , since death is not the end, there is another horizon and unknown over the hill, the brain will understand this, and accordingly it will not simply throw itself out of the system.

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