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  1. In the center of the narrative, works of such a genre as the epic are most often global problems and plots that cover a fairly long period of time and are external to the author, i.e. the author most often shows his view of events from the outside, objectively, depicts problems that affect not only the life of one particular person, but also society as a whole.

  2. Epic comes from the ancient Greek word epos and translates as “narrative“. The epic belongs to one of the three types of literature, along with lyrics and drama.

    The epic covers events that happened in the past (which have already happened, even if the plot focuses on the human future, fiction).

    The epic work unfolds in space and time, is eventful, voluminous, reflects different characters and destinies.

    Until the 18th century, popular types of epics were fairy tales, poems, and epics. Since the 18th century, we can talk about the birth of the novel, the epic novel.

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