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  1. Real art is works that shake the imagination of a person, awaken his imagination and teach him culture and good taste. It always inspires us and never leaves us indifferent.

    “Beautiful engravings, slightly yellowed by time” – that's what made an impression on the hero. The narrator saw them visiting the daughters of the artist Zhalostin. The works captured his imagination. For a long time he could not get rid of the obsessive pursuit of those masterfully depicted gazes of long-dead people. They aroused the hero's imagination, forced him to rise above the ordinary reality, so he saved them, risking his authority.

    There are many real-life examples. So, the famous artist Vrubel, drawing illustrations for Lermontov's poem “The Demon”, went crazy. He constantly began to see the devil. Art influenced him so much that he began to live it even more than in real life. I had this temporary insanity when I read this poem. It's really very heavily written!

    Thus, art is an almost mystical thing that can literally drive you crazy.

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