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  1. Book layout is an arrangement of text, images, tables, and other materials that meets certain rules and standards. Layout rules have been developed by professionals from different countries for decades and are aimed at ensuring that the book not only looks neat and stylish, but also – first of all – is convenient to read or view.�

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  2. Book layout is one of the stages of prepress preparation of the text. Before starting to print, you need to make a mock-up of the book. Arrange pages with text and graphic elements for the required print format.

  3. Layout is the creation of a book layout consisting of a block of pages, turns, and a cover.

    It is included in the list of mandatory publishing services and cannot be ignored by the author.

    Some writers who want to save money, refuse the services of professionals, and make their own layouts using special computer programs or free services on the Internet.

    This is a big mistake, because to create a high-quality layout, which means a beautiful book that is pleasant to hold in your hands and easy to read, you need to:

    • have knowledge of professional programs;

    • possess certain character traits and specialized skills;

    • know and understand the layout requirements of experts;

    • be able to use paper efficiently, pay attention to small details in the design, have an artistic taste and have an idea of fashionable design solutions that are relevant among readers.

    That is, layout is a kind of science that does not tolerate amateurs.

    The notion that everyone can do it if the right app was installed is a dangerous illusion that leads to a crash.

    How to avoid it? What should a web designer know? How can I check its operation? Is there a way to avoid being trapped?

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  4. The layout of a book is the design of the text in a single style, in compliance with all the norms and rules of typographic layout. Knowledge of state standards will allow you to avoid problems with submitting the layout layout to the publisher.

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