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  1. The meaning of the word “conceptual”.
    In short, it conveys a new idea, idea, new trend, vision. Conceptual Design for example. Or “concept car”.
    In your case, as I see it, it is a new art that conveys some fresh idea.

  2. Everything falls under the term “Conceptuality”, if not as not at all. This is S. Dali and the scrotum nailed with rusty nails to the paving stones. Art? Make up your mind!

  3. From Latin conceptus is translated as thought, representation. From here we start. The task of conceptualism is to show the physical concept of the work, to convey the idea. This is not art in the usual sense (painting, sculpture), but rather a gesture. Conceptualism can be an outrageous fashion show, installations, or some action announced by the artist. Here is an example: back in 1960, Yves Klein held the action “Jump into the void”: he just jumped out of the window.

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