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  1. A branch of physiology that studies electrical processes in the cell.
    The body is an electromagnetic station. Each cell has a charge on the surface of the membrane. It is different outside and inside the cell. Due to this difference, ions move through the membrane. To excite the activity of the cell, a stimulus of a certain value is needed, which would reach the CUD (critical level of depolarization) and then a charge change occurs. A cell in the state of excitation is not sensitive to a repeated pulse. It means that it is useless to influence it in this state. To get a result, you need to wait for the response when the charges return to their original state and only then apply the next stimulus.
    This is one example of electrophysiology and how it can benefit us.

  2. Open the dictionary of medical terms.

    Electrophysiology – a branch of physiology that studies electrical phenomena in the body (ch. arr. biopotentials).”

    At the cellular level, very different sciences study electrical processes.

    At the level of the body, the most popular and widely used both in research and in diagnostics are EEG (electroencephalogram) and ECG (electrocardiogram),

    EEG is the result of the work of brain neurons-integral biopotentials on the skin surface, which are caused by the algebraic addition of action potentials that pass along axons and dendrites. There are several different vibrations: the alpha rhythm, for example, is observed during wakefulness. It is very difficult to analyze an EEG gram by eye. Modern electroencephalographs have a built-in program that selects rhythms using complex mathematical procedures, such as Fourier analysis.

    An ECG is the result of the electrical activity of the heart. In this case, when the heart muscle contracts, electrical phenomena are already captured by the cardiomyocytes themselves, and the wave of excitation-contraction, which essentially generates electric currents, spreads throughout the body, which is recorded by the cardiograph. Well, everyone knows about the cardiogram that it shows what is happening in the heart and how, and if something is wrong, you can immediately see it. Although the analysis of the cardiogram is also not simple.

    Sometimes an electromyogram is examined.

    Electromagnetic fields are also used in physical therapy. But that's a different story altogether.

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