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  1. Really strong hypnotists are quite rare among gypsies.Most simply manipulate and deceive their victims. Several people have told me that they were hypnotized by a gypsy woman without saying a word. And then these people stood like a pillar, unable to do anything while the gypsies took valuables out of the apartment. You can protect yourself from gypsies-you need to train your own defense against external influences, as Vladimir Safonov described in his book “Ariadne's Thread”

  2. Gypsy hypnosis has always been surrounded by an aura of mystery. Surely many people would like to know what these methods are that allow you to easily lure money and valuables from a person, make him do what the hypnotist wants. The technique of Gypsy hypnosis is very interesting not only for ordinary people, but also for special services that study methods of suggestion and influence on the human psyche.

    The whole process can be divided into several stages:

    1. Attracting attention.

    2. Establishing contact with a potential victim in a specific scenario.

    3. Working with the subconscious mind (establishing rapport).

    4. Deepening the trance state.

    5. Achieving your goals.

  3. From time immemorial, the Gypsies were famous for their ability to trade. They passed down their skills from generation to generation, so the Gypsies are very skilled manipulative psychologists. They can talk, evoke pity, empathy, fear, and so on, in order to extract the benefits they need from the victim, usually in the form of jewelry or money.

    Best of all, the image of a typical gypsy(although it is not necessary to generalize, in many respects these are stereotypes), although very exaggerated, is conveyed in the film “Big Jackpot”.

  4. Basically, nothing out of the ordinary. Ordinary psychology. With an experienced eye, a person with a clouded look, immersed in some problem of his own, slightly detached from reality, is calculated in the crowd. A gypsy woman approaches him and starts a conversation under any pretext – to give a penny to the child, ask for directions, tell fortunes. The task is to attract your attention in any way.

    Then it's a matter of technique. The tools that work in psychology are called calibration, adjustment, and rapport.

    I'll explain it more simply. You are walking in your own thoughts, and you are not going to communicate with a gypsy woman at all. She catches up with you and walks next to you (and they distinguish from which side you need to approach a man, and from which side to a woman), adjusts to your step, pace and volume of speech, stopping, mirrors your gestures, poses, adjusts to breathing, blinking frequency, ideally-syncs your heartbeat. Achieving this synchronicity is the so-called rapport. Having received rapport, they first smoothly try to try to manipulate, having received confidence that the client is firmly on the hook, they lead him absolutely like a heifer on a leash.

    Gypsies also have their own special tool-intimidation. They can be unexpectedly creepy and lead to confusion and stupor. Passed down from generation to generation. It has been working for centuries.

    Calibration is a way to determine your response to certain stimuli. For example, when you are afraid, you raise your eyebrows, when you agree, you nod slightly, and so on. These can be eye movements, body movements, postures, facial expressions. The so-called nonverbal language. By first asking some general questions, watching your reaction, determining whether she is moving in the right direction or not, the gypsy narrows her circles like a shark. The uninitiated person does not understand how she knows everything about you. It all looks like magic, and you can trust a wizard. Hypnosis also implies complete trust in the hypnotist, otherwise nothing will work.

    My advice. Just pass by when the gypsies want to talk to you. And be more attentive in difficult moments of your life-strangers can take advantage of your vulnerability.

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