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  1. Biography of the actor and poet Vladislav Valeryevich Malenko (born 1971) is quite well known. His fairly detailed biography can be found on the Wikipedia pages and on the website <url>.

    He is not only known for his roles in film and theater, but also for his poetic works. He composes zongs, fables and songs for movies.

    He made his debut in the theater even before his service in the army – until 1989 he worked at the Moscow Grotesque Theater. His film debut took place in 2003-the role of Captain Pravda in the film of the same name.

    For many years he worked as a presenter on television. Author and presenter of the programs ” Up to 16 and older…”, “Tete−a−tete”, “Breakfast with Larik”, “Dolls”, “Natural Selection”, “Face Control”, “Sanitary Day”, “Serving people”, “I Serve Russia”, “Kremlin Concert”.

    Today he is a director, author and host of popular TV programs, a war correspondent, a member of the Union of Writers and the Union of Theatrical Figures of Russia, the founder of the public creative association “Theater of Poets” (2016), Artistic director of the Moscow poetry laboratory “Yesenin Center”, Artistic Director of the largest Russian festival of poetry named after Leonid Filatov”FILATOV-FEST”.

    He successfully tours not only in Russia, but also in foreign countries.

    The milestones of his biography are described in more detail here –, Vladislav Valer'evich.

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