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  1. The term “pornocracy”(the rule of harlots) dates back to the tenth century, when the Roman Catholic Church was experiencing a deep spiritual and socio-political crisis. At this time, the popes changed each other quite often. This happened under the influence of women from the aristocratic Theophylact family. According to various sources, they enjoyed a very dubious moral reputation, using their beauty and charm for political purposes. The full list of dads who have fallen under the influence of this family includes 12 personalities. Of course, the very phenomenon of pornocracy could also be used by supporters of the struggle against the institution of the papacy, although the depravity of the clergy in this “dark time” was repeatedly confirmed by a number of experts.

    In the 19th century, the anarchist theorist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon wrote the work “Pornocracy, or women in the present”, in which he engaged in an aggressive polemic with European feminists. Despite the fact that anarchists, as a rule, adhered to the idea of gender equality, Proudhon's views can hardly be called non-sexist. In his opinion, feminism does not lead to equality, but to the fact that a woman simply takes on male qualities, no more, but no less. Proudhon notes that too close communication between a woman and a man, especially if this communication is sexual in nature, leads to the moral degradation of a woman. For the thinker who introduced the word “anarchy” into the New European cultural context, there is no difference between gender and gender. In his reasoning, he easily moves from questions of human physiology to problems of human sociality. According to his observations, prostitutes get rougher with age, lose their femininity, and completely turn into an ugly likeness of men.

    For Proudhon, feminism is pornocracy. Roughly speaking, women do not want to be like men, but want to be closer to men. In this pursuit, they are guided only by their own lust.

    In 2003, the French director Catherine Breuil made the film “Pornocracy”, in which an attempt was made to clarify the relationship between men and women, issues of sexual orientation and the problem of human physicality through many bed scenes.

    In the noir world of Sin City comics, pornocracy refers to a type of state political structure in which power belongs not to people or organizations, but to human greed, depravity, and corrupt sexuality.

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