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  1. The concept of information pseudo-instability was introduced by Professor Alekhine Anatoly Nikolaevich. This topic is developed by Dr. Andrey Vladimirovich Kurpatov. Professor Sergey V. Savelyev also pays attention to this issue. Debility (mental retardation) is manifested in the fact that the patient is intellectually passive, cannot focus attention for a long time, is impulsive, thinks very concretely and utilitarily, does not like and does not understand abstract reasoning. Since users of social networks behave in the same way , they can be diagnosed with moronism. But there is a difference – true debility is the result of a pathology of brain development and is not treatable. Pseudo-instability (pseudo – false) is the result of unwillingness to be smart, develop and train your brain, and add up complex intellectual objects. At the same time, in fact, there are no pathologies of brain development in humans. Thus, the individual himself, voluntarily goes to stupefaction, moronism, falling into dependence on digital information technologies.

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