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  1. SMM translates as Social Media Marketing. This is the whole set of actions aimed at attracting attention in social networks to a product/service/business, increasing sales and popularity.

    The simplest example of SMM is to run a page on Instagram or Vkontakte. You are engaged in telling your target audience about all the advantages of your product or yourself. This leads to an increase in subscribers, and they turn into buyers.

    In the conditions of modern information noise, it becomes very difficult to engage in SMM. After all, due to the actions of large corporations that invest millions in the development of creatives and advertising, it becomes more difficult to please customers. You need to have a deep understanding of your target audience so that you can develop creative, useful, and engaging posts without compromising your budget.

    Although it is easy to find an SMM specialist today, it is very difficult to find a good one. But if the company managed to find a creative team of SMM specialists, then the company gets a huge interest in itself and in its products. A vivid example is the Magnit chain of stores and their unrealistic creatives on Instagram. This example shows that even an ordinary retail store can stand out from the rest thanks to high-quality promotion in social networks. If you stand out , you've made a profit!

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