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  1. In short, sociopathy is the absence of guilt. A sociopath can love, of course,but it will be a very peculiar kind of love, extremely selfish.

  2. A person with an officially diagnosed antisocial personality disorder is in touch.

    The question is old, so it's useless to specify what the author meant. Therefore, I will write about all kinds of”love”.

    * Love for family members. I will make a reservation that I mean really close people, and not all relatives.

    Unfortunately, I am not very lucky in this area, and in my family there is only a cat and 34 plants, but I think that the differences are significant. I feel responsible for them, take good care of them, and they bring me joy. I can't replace a dead flower, because I think it's unique, although I admit that I don't feel much grief from the loss. I think you can call it love.

    * Romantic feelings. Here the answer is ambiguous. There were no knee-shaking infatuations either with me or with my familiar colleagues in the disease. But yes, sometimes people who are personally cute also attract you sexually. But is it love? There are people who are easy to communicate with. They'll listen to you, tell you what you've done to offend them, and pour you some tea. You want to spend time with them and sometimes sleep with them, as it should be for loving couples.

    There is, of course, a category of simply convenient people, but it is useless to consider them through the prism of feelings.

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