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  1. No, stocism is not steadfastness, rather it is correct to say “firmness”. And so, Stocism is a philosophical trend that was formed in Athens 300 years before our era. There were several periods: ancient standing, middle and new.

  2. Stoicism is a philosophical school that originated in Athens around 300 BC.. This direction is still popular and has its own followers.

    Three main principles that a person should master in stoicism::

    • Don't worry about things beyond our control
    • Don't be afraid of losing things and people
    • Do not limit ourselves to the biological, we should not behave like animals, because this negates our human nature, the most valuable thing that we have.�

    In fact, based on the teaching, a stoic person can be described as a person who is resistant to external influences. Keeping calm and firm in their views.

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