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  1. They don't apply in any way.
    Rather, egoism is not singled out among hundreds of other samsaric mind games, and therefore no special attention is paid to egoism.
    (well, except for the only true tharevada, of course, but they have everything very different there).

    At the same time, despite such a disdainful attitude towards selfishness, it is quickly overcome if a person practices Buddhism. That's somehow “on its own”.
    Well, or not overcome, if instead of meditation and the path to liberation, a person chooses Buddhism-philosophy.

  2. They are treated negatively. Egoism is a form of manifestation of “mano” – pride and conceit, mixed up with the idea of “I” – “atte”. The main goal of the Buddhist path is to understand the idea of anatta – “selflessness”, “no self” or”soul”.
    A person who has put into practice the ideas of anatta and conquered the ignorance from which it grows, becomes an Arahant and attains Nibbana in life.

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