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  1. It is based on the simplest instinct-SELF-PRESERVATION. We don't care if the world is progressing or regressing, as long as it was all there. Although, if you believe in God, then such attempts should be in vain) Remember, at least the extermination of babies against the background of the appearance of Christ-I sailed in the cradle, like a ” bun “-I left my grandmother, I left my grandfather”

  2. What the mass media(mass media) broadcast is nothing more than the imposition of certain opinions, stereotypes that turn the life of society into a certain matrix(frame), where you need a minimum of thinking and preferably no philosophizing, when everything has already been determined for you and given ready-made recipes for all occasions. What is the danger of TV and the media in general? They form a worldview and pass off someone else's vision of the world as what it should be seen by those who look and listen. The worldview should be laid down by the child's parents, but since the parents themselves depend on the opinion of the media, they cannot give the child something else. You don't need to assume that someone's opinion is true, you need to be sure of the authoritative type of opinion and not take seriously everything that is presented in the media.

  3. Fear. Any living creature is afraid of something bigger and stronger.

    So is society. It trembles before the strong. The greater the power, the greater the awe, and the more easily that awe turns into fear. Justified or not society in its fear is completely unwilling to accept the idea that their fate depends on the mood and rules of one being. This is a big fear…And great fear easily turns into great aggression and anger.

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