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  1. Undoubtedly, summer is the most favorite time to relax. The beach season lasts from May to mid-October.

    The high season in Sochi lasts for three summer months. Prices start to rise in May, and in June they still jump a lot – a sure sign of the beginning of the high season.

    In autumn, the velvet season begins-it usually lasts all of September, often also covering the first two weeks of October. At this time, it is still warm and you can swim, but it is the best time for excursions around the city and the surrounding area – the weather is warm, but not hot, favorable for long walks. Spring-April-May is also a good time for excursions.

    In winter, the alpine skiing season begins, and tourists go primarily to Krasnaya Polyana with its several major ski resorts. Thanks to the Olympics, their infrastructure is one of the best in Europe.

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