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  1. It depends on the purpose of your reading. If you just read a book, it is faster to “think about” and less distracting from the” living ” content. Reading aloud is useful for developing your speaking skills, but it distracts you from reading the content. Finally, reading aloud is possible as part of the process of communicating with children or with loved ones.

  2. There is no definite answer. It's like taking a walk in the garden and cycling on the highway. The option is selected depending on your goal and interests.

    If you want to train your conversational skills and expand your active vocabulary, then reading aloud is more suitable. If the task is to quickly understand, find the necessary information, then it is more likely to read about yourself.

    For example, for reading hood. Reading aloud is great for literature, and especially for poetry. And for reading business literature, it's more like reading about yourself.

    Read good books!

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  3. There is a great way to kill two pigeons with one shot )

    Just read to yourself, record what you read on paper or on your phone , then listen out loud and tell you with an expression what you remember in front of the mirror or while driving in the car .

    as a qualified lawyer, this helps me a lot, especially when you use a traffic jam and say what you have filled in.

    try it you will succeed )

  4. If you are asking about the perception of information, this decision is made by everyone personally for themselves, based on their own observations when reading. 
 If the question is in favor, then reading aloud is “2in1”. Information+diction.

    And, if anything, please contact us.

  5. The choice of reading method-to yourself or aloud-depends on what you are reading. If you are preparing for an exam or lesson, i.e. you use educational literature, then most people prefer reading aloud :you not only see the text, but also hear it-this helps memorize the material. Also, memorizing, and just for the soul, reading poetry, more naturally-out loud! Fiction is easier to learn about yourself: you read, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of events described by the author, mentally empathize with the characters, evaluate their actions, sometimes return to the lines you read if they offended you in some way or clarify whether you correctly understood what they were talking about.

  6. As many people write here, ” it depends on…”It depends on what to read: prayers and mantras are probably better aloud – there the timbre of your own voice immerses you in a special state. There's no point in reading the rest out loud.

    Moreover, there are techniques that suppress articulation when reading to yourself and thereby increase the speed of reading. I once graduated from two rapid reading schools and there the first idea that teachers voice is that you should read not quickly, but rationally – it is reasonable to approach different texts in terms of structure and content with different reading techniques. Think about when the time is right (and Google it yourself if you're interested)

  7. I noticed that when I read to myself, I assimilate the meaning of the book, the general outline, the intrigue, and do not pay attention to minor errors in the text.�

    But as soon as I start reading aloud, all these shoals come out and start cutting my ears and eyes: commas, incorrect cases, repetitions, ridiculous and inaccurate expressions … �

    Therefore, if you want to learn how to correctly formulate a thought and express it in an imaginative and rich language, then I advise you to read aloud. At least for myself.

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