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    A small village in the south of France where Giselle lives with her old mother.The young Count Albert appears and hurriedly hides in a nearby hut. Dressed in a peasant's dress, Albert leaves the house, accompanied by a squire. He loves Giselle very much and rejects the squire's persuasions not to seduce the girl. Albert menacingly orders the squire to leave and knocks on the door of Giselle's cottage. Albert and Giselle frolic like children. Their dance is interrupted by the entrance of Hans, the forest ranger. He also loves Giselle and warns the girl about Albert's evil intentions. Enraged, Albert chases Hans away.

    Giselle's friends appear and they spin with her in a fun dance. Concerned for her daughter's health, Gisele's mother stops dancing. She is afraid that Giselle will die so early from dancing and turn into willis – an evil spirit that lures passers-by at night in its destructive dance.

    Sounds of hunting are heard. Albert is afraid of being recognized and runs away. The forester appears, tormented by the mystery of the stranger. Hearing the approach of the hunt, Hans enters through the window of the hut where Albert is hiding.

    A magnificent hunt appears, led by the Duke, Albert's father, and Albert's fiancee, Bathilde. Giselle and her mother are welcoming guests. Bathilde, seeing how Giselle admires her toilet, asks what the girl is doing. Giselle's modesty and shyness attract the sympathy of the Duke and Bathilde, the latter gives the girl a precious necklace for her wedding day. The Duke retires with Bathilde to rest in Giselle's cottage and leaves his hunting horn to blow if necessary. Everyone is diverging. Hans appears, looking alarmed. Now he knows the secret of the stranger: in his hands is a ducal sword! So that's who's cheating the poor girl! Hans vows revenge on Albert.

    Young people gather. Giselle and Albert join in the fun. Everyone happily welcomes the young couple celebrating their marriage.

    Angered by Albert's deception and Giselle's trusting love for him, Hans interrupts the fun and exposes Albert, showing everyone the ducal sword. Giselle doesn't believe Hans, she begs Albert to say it's a lie. Then Hans blows the horn that Albert's father left behind.

    The Duke and Bathilde appear in alarm, accompanied by courtiers. Everyone recognizes Albert in disguise as their young count. Convinced of the deception, Giselle realizes that Bathilde is Albert's fiancee.

    In desperation, Giselle rips off the necklace and throws it at the bride's feet. Her mind is clouded. Exhausted with grief, she falls senseless. The mother rushes to her daughter, but Giselle doesn't recognize her. She's gone mad. There are scenes of divination, vows, and a gentle dance with Albert.

    Suddenly, coming across a sword, she picks it up and begins to spin unconsciously. The sword, like an iron snake, pursues her and is ready to plunge into the chest of the unfortunate girl. Hans pulls out his sword, but it's too late-Giselle is dead.

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    Cemetery. Night. Hans, the forest ranger, comes to Giselle's grave. He mourns his loss and his guilt.

    Midnight strikes. Lit by the moon, the lady Willis – Myrta appears. She calls her friends together. At a sign from Myrta, the frozen figure of Giselle rises from the grave. An imperious gesture – and Giselle begins to spin in a rapid circle of dance.

    Enter Albert, accompanied by a squire. He came to Giselle's grave.

    A confused Hans runs in, chased by the Willis family. The Willies dance Hans, who dares to appear here. Exhausted, he falls to the ground senseless and dies. The same fate awaits Albert, he begs Myrta for mercy. Giselle comes to the rescue of her beloved. An enraged Mirta orders Giselle to dance. The mournful-lyrical dance turns into a dramatic duet.

    The Willies are merciless, they dance Albert, he rushes, falls, rises, and dances again – he is doomed. Suddenly, a bell strikes, and it gets light. Willies lose their power and disappear. Giselle also leaves, and Albert vainly begs her to stay, mourning her lost dream.

    A new bright day is born.

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