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  1. Once upon a time, art had a strict framework of compliance with aesthetic norms. Now, since the second half of the XX century and to this day, such a framework does not exist. This is a new era in art, called postmodernism. It allows the artist to create without any rules and obligations, that is, it is an unlimited freedom of expression of the artist. But despite this, postmodernism has its typical features.�

    People wonder how a pile of trash or a signed urinal can be art. But this is one of the signs of postmodernism: the use of ready-made forms. They say that the modern artist does not create, but moves and combines meaning.

    The ability to handle ready-made forms creates irony, which in turn creates syncretism. That is, the combination of “disparate” views and thinking.�

    And the most significant feature: the game with the existing regimes, structures and foundations.�

    It is also worth noting that postmodernism is the most criticized direction in art. For many researchers, this is nothing more than a confirmation of the death of art or its stagnation.

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