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  1. Sopor (from Lat. sopor — numbness, lethargy, sleep) (subcoma, soporose state, status soporosus) — deep depression of consciousness with the loss of voluntary and preserved reflex activity.

    The patient does not react to the environment, does not perform any tasks, does not answer questions. The patient can be brought out of the soporotic state with great difficulty, using rough pain effects (pinches, injections, etc.), while the patient has facial movements that reflect suffering, and other motor reactions are possible as a response to pain irritation.

    The examination reveals muscle hypotension, inhibition of deep reflexes, the reaction of the pupils to light may be sluggish, but the corneal reflexes are preserved. Swallowing is not impaired. A soporotic condition can develop as a result of traumatic, vascular, inflammatory, tumor, or dysmetabolic brain damage.

    A coma, as a consequence of sopor, also disables reflex sensitivity.
    As an analogy:�
    Sopor-laptop standby mode�
    Coma – shutdown , but with support for mains power.

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