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  1. Any process of creating something, whether it is painting, ceramics or weaving, is a craft that is honed over the years and your love for the cause. And the masterful result of this craft, in which you can feel the hand of the master, the soul and its own “zest” can already be called art. Example: Dutch painters. The son continued the family business-he learned to paint realistic still lifes for sale, honing his skills dozens and hundreds of times. And now this painting is considered as art.

  2. Art supplemented by craft is the best profession in all respects.

    Craft supplemented with art-generates a high degree of profissionalism of the craft occupation.

    Craft can become an art, and art can develop the professionalism of the craft.

    But I like the word creativity more than art.

  3. Art is creativity in which the author puts all his soul,the author tries to convey some idea to his reader, listener,viewer.It creates something new.To create art ,you need to have a talent. On the contrary,a craft is a well-honed skill.The craftsman does not create anything new,he does everything according to a pre-prepared plan, template. The main thing for him is to earn as much money as possible.

  4. Art is not so much work on a specific project, but rather a way of self-expression, spiritual self-realization with the help of sensual and expressive means. A craft in general is a manual non-serial production, that is, items made by a person. In fact, craft is the same art, but “without a soul”:) In addition, the craft is characterized by the creation of a new useful object in everyday life, applied in nature. We can hardly call dance, music, or painting a craft.

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