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  1. Briefly: Based on Paul Rand's essay “Thoughts on Design”:Designer solves the problem given the constraints of the project and helps the client to grow 🌿complex effect layer-by-layer (the function and use → comfort → aesthetics and beauty → emotional significance for themselves and society) by a certain date, as the painter focuses on the embodiment of the creative concept in the work (i.e. starts with “Emotional significance for themselves and society” and moves in the opposite direction (←) ).👇

    Quote from an essay by Paul Rand:

    “By analyzing (breaking down complex material into the simplest components in the categories “how”, “why”, “when” and “where”), the designer formulates the task.

    Due to the fact that advertising art is ultimately aimed at the viewer and the purpose of advertising is to influence them, the designer's task turns out to be two-part:

    1. take into account the viewer's reaction
    2. and take into account your own aesthetic needs.

    Thus, the designer must find a means of communication that is common to himself and the viewer (a condition that the easel painter does not think about).”

    (c) Paul Rand, Thoughts on Design

  2. Art is an expression and comprehension of reality, a reaction to what surrounds us. Design is more about crafting and solving specific problems. The main goal of design is utility and usability. Whether it is creating a website or designing a high chair, no matter how beautiful the high chair is, if it is uncomfortable to sit on it, then the high chair does not perform the main function and such a design can be called bad.

  3. Design is custom work, meaning that a deal is made first and the terms and parameters of the work are discussed, and then the work itself begins. Art assumes that the artist first creates a work or project as it seems to him right and only then it goes on sale. If formally, then so.

  4. Design is an artist's ability to express their feelings in a subject category. And art itself is an embodiment of the inner world of the artist, which may not necessarily have an objective character. Art can be expressed in words, actions, or artistic representation. Art is eternal! And design is just one of the forms of art expression.

  5. Design is an “industrial art” Art is valuable in itself. Design is valuable only if it is technologically advanced and solves the tasks set. Design helps you sell and relies on science and technology.

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