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  1. Err… It's all about different things, like a rainbow and a wrench.

    Egoism is such a special matyug from the gestalt approach. Method of interrupting contact with a need: the inability to complete the contact due to the inability to fully surrender to the contact process.

    Well, for example, the inability to get an orgasm from the desire to carefully control the process of its diligent production.

    And narcissism is such a special matyug from psychoanalysis. It can mean a character trait, or a whole personality disorder, or it can speak of a narcissistic need in any ordinary person, expressed more or less.

    In short, about everything is different, except that these are terms from schools of psychotherapy, and even then they are different.

  2. Narcissism is a personality disorder.

    Egoism (if we do not take the term from Gestalt psychology) is a social phenomenon.

    They may look similar on the outside, but narcissism always brings suffering inside: the reverse side of the grandiosity shown is shame and a huge fear, often repressed enough that someone will notice this shame.

    Narcissism does not always look like a lack of empathy and using other people for their own purposes, sometimes on the contrary, the shame is so great that a person prefers to avoid contact with others, rather than risk that someone will discover him, insignificant.

  3. Egoism is the concept of a “person in a case” (according to Chekhov), a person who is closed to broad laws. It exists in certain rules for certain categories of people.

    Narcissism is about people who are not able to take and give love in the first place. Here we are talking about the individual, that is, it is only personal difficulties.

    Egoism is more about a group of people, about belonging to a group. That is, the behavior of the egotist must comply with certain rules of the group of people.

    And the narcissist carries a personal experience associated with the inability to give love.

  4. I see the relationship between egoism and narcissism, so there is no difference between them as such, and these terms can be completely synonymized. The difference can only be in the approaches to using terms. If egoism in gestalt psychology can be used for the purpose of psychocorrection, based on the reasons available in the individual for the presence of such a pattern of behavior, then narcissism is determined by the property of character and is used as a definition of a person's personal quality.

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