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  1. The second question is unlikely to be answered clearly by anyone. Is there a group of neurons responsible for time perception? Yes, you perceive it. Is there a single neuron that processes time? It is unlikely, and, no less important, then you need to decide what time is.
    As for the differences in the brain, there are no significant ones. If we give you, or anyone else, two brains – one that is relevant now and the brain of a healthy average Egyptian, there will be no significant differences, because 5-7 thousand years is too small a step for evolution. Individual differences in the brain of people living now will look more significant.

  2. It's no different. This tool for the manifestation of human consciousness and intelligence practically does not change on the scale of humanity.

    Time is a sequence of events that is reflected in the consciousness of a person in the phenomenal world. What special neurons can there be here? What neuron is responsible for your aversion to boiled onions? Identical question.

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