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  1. The answer to this question, oddly enough, will be: the philosophy of history is an attempt to philosophize the historical process, and the philosophy of law is an attempt to understand law.

    More specifically, the field of interest of the philosophy of history includes such issues as:�

    • can we talk about universal laws of history, or is the history of each culture unique?,
    • what are the criteria for social progress?,
    • history is the result of the activity of individuals, or the result of some objective factors that do not depend on individuals,
    • etc.
      The scope of interests of the philosophy of law will include such issues as:

    • what are the functions of law and the goals of legal regulation?,

    • what is the relationship between law and justice?,
    • where does the law get its legitimacy,
    • do people have any “natural” rights,
    • how the law and the law relate,
    • etc.
      Intersections between these areas, of course, exist, but, in general, they are completely different areas.

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