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    1. First, postmodernism itself is perceived as an absurd phenomenon. And first of all, the attempt to classify the state of the epoch as postmodern is confusing, meaningless. This is the classic conclusion that readers of postmodern theorists draw. This has been the case since the time of Lyotard, when any meta-narrative (for example, religion and God himself, ideology, global ethics) has no credibility, since it discredits itself in any case in a certain part of its own narrative, and therefore has no final meaning, that is, it is absurd.

    2. Secondly, the absurdity here makes a reference to itself, since: postmodernism=absurdity. Absurdity cannot be defeated, it has no black and white, because it is “on both sides”. When the absurd refers to itself in an attempt to somehow actualize itself, a comic effect occurs. Something like “the duck is black because gladiolus”. In addition, there is a comic effect due to the inability to compare two meanings that belong to different semantic arrays.�

    3. I doubt fish oil has ever won anything. Moreover, there is no need to win. In this, as it seems to me, the author of the saying sees the comic and at the same time the final message of the inscription.: the statement tells the meaning (that is, meaninglessness) and, at the same time, shows how it works. Double entanglement+meaninglessness is the best example of the breath of the postmodern era, according to the author, as it seems to me.

  1. The question remains: who will be the winner and who will be the loser? After all, this phrase can be interpreted in two ways, and it is not clear about the victory of whom the author wanted to tell us. Maybe he meant the eternity of this confrontation? My answer is an addition to the first one

  2. For the sake of a red word…and a certain intellectual and conceptual superiority:)

    What does this expression have in common with slang, as for me.

    I'll be brief: fish oil is proven useful, postmodernism is selective:)

  3. This is possible:

    1) Fish oil is an effective antidepressant.�

    2)�A. Solzhenitsyn described postmodernism as a “dangerous cultural phenomenon “that” has unmounted the modern world to the state of a graveyard, where nothing is alive, but any thing or idea emits the smell of decay.”

  4. I'll try to analyze it using the example of graffiti uploaded to the cover.

    First, the object itself is a fairly shabby wall that has seen better times (and literally-a different system, a different era!), on which we can see a strange smiling face in the potholes, as well as irrefutable proof of the phrase “time spares no one”.

    Secondly, let's turn to the phrase itself, or rather, decompose it into tokens:

    So, “fish oil”. What is it? Ignoring its medical and nutritional properties (leaving a link for the curious reader), we can only say that this wonderful substance was squeezed into the young generation throughout both the Soviet and post-Soviet space, which marks the Russian “senseless and merciless”.

    For now, let's leave “will win”, and immediately move on to postmodernism. Everyone knows that on the territory of Russia, this term is associated with questionable creativity and books by Pelevin (which, in principle, are not bad). What is the meaning of this word inscribed on these tablets of modernity? In my opinion, it succinctly expresses the whole of modernity, with all its ambiguous phenomena, such as life on the web, jokes for 300 and the dominance of hashtags (however, at the time of applying this graffiti, it is obvious that hashtags have not yet been defeated by the valiant fish oil – I sincerely hope that someone will finish the sharp).

    Now that all the concepts are clearly explained, it is quite obvious that the inscription represents nothing more than the utopian desire of Soviet reality to triumph over the absurdity of modernity, in which everything goes upside down; in communism, as we know, everything is always simple and clear.

    Just like that, everything is simple and clear.

    P.S. There is some possibility that this means absolutely nothing.

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