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  1. Psychologically, sex for men and women is very different. And this is due to the nature of the genitals. A woman has them inside her, and a man has them outside. It is the man who penetrates the woman's body, not the other way around. Hence, modesty is more common in women than in men. A man is ready to attach his dignity to almost any woman. A woman, on the other hand, will think 100 times before allowing herself to be penetrated.

    Well, there is also a false shame, which is not in a person by nature, and which is cultivated by society. Primitive people were not at all shy about their body, because it is natural. Naturally, one half of humanity is of such a structure, the other half is somewhat different. And there should be no shame in it. This “false shame” sometimes very much interferes with people's lives, transforming into other types of shame. It is a shame for big or small breasts, it is a shame for thinness or fullness, it is a shame for protruding ears or a nose with a hump, etc. and so on.

    All these aggregates do not allow women to relax properly. But if she relaxes, then she is able to behave in sex in a way that a man never dreamed of.

    By the way, physiologically sex is more important for a woman than for a man. Unfortunately, very few women understand this and very many deny their sexual need, hiding behind “only with the man they love”! What if he's gone for a few years? Or even more? And they live in denial of their natural needs. And sex is just as much a human need as food, water, sleep, and so on. You can't call a person's quality of life high if they are not sexually satisfied.

  2. Ideas about sex vary greatly depending on the age of a woman, upbringing and goals of her acquaintance with a man. If a woman is stressed, broke up with a guy or depressed, then she can give herself on the first date, not out of sympathy, but to take revenge on the offender or have fun, unwind. Women who are committed to relationships will look closely, study, find out that only sex is needed – they will quit. Breeders will breed and break off and will not give until you spend the entire wallet, then they will run away)))

  3. Hello. A performance? I do not imagine, but actively practice, because my body knows all 33 pleasures of sex. Until a woman learns an orgasm from a man, sex will be for her in the category of “need”, and not “want”.

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