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  1. If we turn our attention away from scientific and popular science literature, where the importance is obvious, we will find ourselves in the world of fiction. It is necessary to read it, as it forms a vocabulary, helps to learn foreign languages, forms aesthetic taste, makes a person an interesting interlocutor and increases the chances of the labor market.

  2. I think that the book helps you learn more information, because the imagination aspect works.

    And if you read information only from a computer or other media sources, then again there is an imposition of a way of thinking. Of course, this is also present in the books, but not to this extent.

    Therefore, it is important to read, watch, and listen. AND THINK, FORM YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW.

    And it is impractical to throw out one of these things from this list.

  3. Artistic literature

    The value is to immerse yourself in the story, empathizing with the characters. The film sets its own pace and the director's mind, and the book allows you to go at a convenient speed and form your own mind.

    Literature on scientific or technical topics

    The value is in getting a complete and detailed picture of the topic of interest.

  4. The main word here is reading.And it doesn't matter what kind of printed products:newspapers, magazines, books, on the screen – the main thing that is printed.The rest depends on your preferences.Reading, among other advantages, develops imaginative thinking, awakens the imagination, especially when reading fiction, unlike watching movies, where the brain is almost half involved.

  5. Books. Well, in general, a book is a completely logically finished, somewhat structured text that can have artistic or scientific value. The printed book is still in demand. Why? This is more convenient, familiar, and understandable for many people. And then, it allows you to fully concentrate on the text, without being distracted, for example, by the multimedia functionality of the e-book, the image quality or its energy intensity. Why is it important to read books in print or electronic format? This allows you to develop intellectually: acquire new knowledge (both theoretical and practical), enrich your vocabulary, get aesthetic pleasure, develop analytical and evaluative abilities, allow you to better understand your life, help you formulate thoughts, identify cause-and-effect relationships, and structure information about the world around you.

  6. Nothing at all. Reading books as an end in itself is already some kind of masturbation. As mentioned above, the essence of a book is its content, which determines its intended purpose. Books are important to read because they contain other people's thoughts. In the future, these thoughts pass the test of time. Thus, by reading books, we also participate in a kind of accumulation of collective experience. Even Lobuda Dantsova has the right to be. Wrinkling someone's skewed intellect Hari (hello zaznayki), even if second-rate reading for many will simply be an outlet and a way to unload the brain, well, or go into yourself. Those who don't honor books are more down – to-earth people. This is neither good nor bad. This is qualitatively different. By itself, reading a book does not give anything, because what is more important is how you perceived what you read. Tsimes in the” hand-made ” work done.�

    In general, to each his own.

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