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  1. Prokinu mandatory disclaimer that philosophers have been looking for an answer to this question for many, many years, so finding one “most correct” answer will be problematic. Therefore, all that will be discussed below is either my opinion or my perception of information and knowledge about pagans.

    Since the question is focused on pagans, and does not end with “What is the meaning?”, therefore, you need to look for some pagan answer. Pagans don't have a very deep driver related to the afterlife. That is, the Slavs, at some time, had ideas about heaven and hell (around which half the meaning of Christian life is built), but this cannot be extended to all pagans.

    I suppose the meaning of paganism can be reduced to “Make your life better, more comfortable and more enjoyable here and now.” Because half of the manipulations of historical pagans (rites, rituals, customs, traditions) were reduced to this. You can also attach the slogan “Take everything from life” and the wish ” Enjoy life, it is exactly for this purpose.” Here pagans quite strongly disagree in the perception of this life with Buddhists or Christians. For whom everything is good, it is somewhere out there, and it needs to be earned. And here we have a temporary vale of sorrow from which we should quickly escape. The pagans have all the most wonderful things here. In the next world, too, it will be wonderful, but in a different way. With a different cultural program and features. And for this, while you live here, do it so that there is something to remember and tell there. Remember how in the movie “In the next world only talk about the sea”.

    I also think it makes enough sense “Prepare for this life and the next.” And for pagans, this does not take the character of a fork “To heaven or to hell”, since the pagan has a fairly large preparatory part, in principle, for the afterlife. It doesn't matter where you go, as long as you don't stay here and become a poor dead man, an unquiet one. Again, in the course of preparation, the question “Where”also arises. And depending on the destination, the training changes. That is, there are more bells and whistles than “Live righteously, and you will be automatically admitted to the next world”, the pagans have a more complicated process, and you will have to go to the next world yourself, the metro has not yet been conducted there.

    One of the main meanings of paganism is the preservation of peace. And I'm not just writing about nature and ecology right now. It just became fashionable just recently. Although it is also useful, I do not argue. But the very idea that the world can deteriorate and self – destruct from the wrong actions of a person is quite archaic. Therefore, here man and the gods have the same goal: to preserve and keep their land and their home in relative cleanliness and order. This rule applies both collectively and personally. And it really is a good meaning. To put it quite simply, when a priest performs a certain rite, he helps the sun to rise in the east, and the earth to spin. He doesn't twist it on his own, but he helps this process with his own little effort.

    The survival of the community was a very strong meaning of life for the pagan before. Now the problem of survival itself is not so acute, and the framework of the community in the global world is being erased, but for an archaic pagan, it was very meaningful and important to make sure that his particular society did not cease to exist. The survival of the community is relevant both to the previous point, about preserving the world as such, and to the next one.

    Be fruitful and multiply. No, no God told the Gentiles this in a separate commandment. However, the continuation of one's bloodline first led to the survival of the offspring, and secondly provided bonuses in the next world. After all, as you do not prepare to get there in the right way-the key actions will be done by those who will bury you. And it would be better if it were your relatives, such are the rules. Again, I recently learned that in ancient Egypt, there was an idea that you become a special “dead dead” in the next world, when they forget about you on this one. More precisely, they forget your name. Just a synopsis of the cartoon “The Secret of Coco”. Only in the cartoon, those who were forgotten disappeared forever, and in Egypt they became completely dead. The soulless dead. In general, they suffered there, and everyone felt sorry for them, in this world.

    This also leads us to believe that your children will remember you the longest. And they will bury you properly. And they will provide you with a comfortable life in old age. And they can even continue to work for you to ensure the preservation of the world (if you pass on to them all the customs and traditions for this). And so we connected all the previous ones with the last item.

    Well, speaking of meanings, it is impossible not to give a quote to the pagans themselves. There are so many of them, from different cultures and times, but I like the Celtic triad, which has come down to us in the presentation of Diogenes Laertius, best of all.:

    Honor the gods, do no evil, be bold.

  2. Below is a good answer by Sergey Nikiforov, but it doesn't really fit when it comes to the ancient Greeks. For them, the meaning of life was fully spelled out, and it was called CLEOS — unfading glory. The one who died unknown, according to the ancients, as if he did not live, or lived in vain, and it would be better to refrain from it. It was in pursuit of Cleos that the heroes of the Iliad went to war, and the main character's companion is characteristically called” glory of the ancestors ” — Patroclus (after the death of this character, Achilles has a lover with the same name — Cleopatra). Everything in the life of a worthy Greek was subordinated to the hunt for Cleos, and it was possible to achieve it in a variety of ways, including not very moral ones, for example, the anti-shift of Herostratus is widely known.

    Today, I must say, the pursuit of Cleos, fame and glory is once again popular, in other words, the pagan, ancient way of thinking is being revived, we are moving further away from the Middle Ages with its (in general) indifference to fame. For some reason, I recall an excerpt from the speeches of the well — known Goblin, where he tells in detail that nowadays some not very mature people in body and spirit go to great lengths to become famous-he condemns this, but what interests us in this case is that he correctly noticed the very tendency to return to activities that Alcibiades himself did not disdain in his time.

  3. I went to the group of pagans – and then the same “meaning, categories, systematization”:) I thought at least it wouldn't happen here.

    Good. Carefully. On your fingers. The pagan has the meaning of life, which is proclaimed by the legends in which he believes. And this is the meaning of life that a pagan, unlike a Christian, will have to find for himself – and only for himself. This is the high of paganism. Complete freedom of interpretation and improvisation. Complete freedom in general.

  4. To determine the meaning of a pagan's life, you must first determine the very concept of paganism. All people are pagans because they use two languages. One language is in the mouth to extract sounds, the other is in the culture to communicate in its national environment. Both languages define the Soul. All languages have trinities. For example, you can take Christianity. The Father is the head, the Son is the throat, and the Holy Spirit is the body. Father is an informational concept. This concept connects the past, present and future. The Holy Spirit is the family tree. It has an immutable state. At the intersection of the Father and the Holy Spirit, the Soul is formed. This concept is also constant and unchangeable. What is persistence? Example. The Holy Spirit has a certain number of hats to his credit. My father has his own set. As a result of the intersection, the headdress for the Son is determined. Someone will have a cap with this headdress, someone will have a helmet. As a result, a person will only wear these two items on their head for the rest of their life. However, this list can be adjusted temporarily. If you empty the Father, removing the patronymic, you can increase the list and give the person the right to choose. This list ignores the father, but still does not leave the list of the Holy Spirit. Mind for mind can not go out under any circumstances. But you can also turn off the Holy Spirit by removing relatives from your life. In this case, any information goes directly to the Son, turning him into an information stream that has nothing to do with the person himself.

    So what is paganism? Every nation has one task. And that's survival. But it's not enough to survive, you need to stake out the territory. How to do it? Identify the main animal of the area. No one's going to kick him out of his old place, that's for sure. Next, you need to create myths and legends that confirm the origin of the people from this animal. Copying an animal's language and habits (national characteristics) strictly required. I will focus on the Russian bear. Although everything is clear as it is. The second clue is a link to the Gods. How does the selection process work? The human brain must be tuned to a certain frequency. This is the simplest one. The year should be divided into parts. 12, 20, 9, 18, etc. It is more logical to declare the remaining days holy, so that unnecessary questions do not arise. What can you offer pagan Slavs? The division of the year is made with the help of the Gods-planets. Minor planets with a period of rotation around the Sun less than the period of the Earth are not interesting. Best choice: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Their joint pairwise rotation determines the calendar of 9 months of 40-41 days and the “zodiac” circle of 16 animals. This is a necessary and sufficient division to create a culture. Why enough? Because all couples “go”. And their connections never hit the same point. What is it about? The Chinese example is easy to understand. Chinese culture is based on the Jupiter – Earth calendar. These planets connect every 13 months. Logically, it is required to celebrate each new year a month later than the previous one. But this is very inconvenient. It's easier to select a specific day in the year and mark the month in which the connection occurs.

    Is it possible to consider the defeat of Slavic paganism, based on the change in the calendar from 9 months to 12, given the absence of changes in the movement of the planets?

  5. Live in harmony with yourself, people, nature and the gods.
    Be an example to your descendants and those who would be proud of the ancestors.

    Respect and honor the powers that the pagan has set aside for himself.

  6. I read the answers of people who, unfortunately, have no idea what they are talking about… Firstly, a pagan is if in simple terms a stranger(a foreign people or another), a pagan is a representative of a people(any), and a pagan is a representative of a foreign people, that is, for Christians, any other people was a pagan, of a different faith or appearance, or spoke differently from them, and so on, and also for representatives of Vedic culture, all other peoples were pagans. Paganism in your understanding came to us in the 80 years of the last century because of the hatred of Christians for the witches, for whom both are pagans, that is, strangers…. The meaning of life of which pagan and for whom, the question needs to be clarified! Because for me, Christians are pagans… and Vedic culture is my original one…

  7. There are many attempts to reveal the meaning of HUMAN life. Unfortunately, the authors are not familiar with the basic tenets of religious cults and make a lot of noise. Fear God, the Lord, for the WORD is GOD, and the word was with GOD.

    The assumption that “the meaning of paganism is to make your life better, more comfortable and more pleasant here and now” can only cause a smile.

    In Orthodoxy, which you used to call paganism, believers were called children and grandchildren of the Gods. With the help of special practices and rituals, neophytes acquired the properties and qualities of their Gods and eventually became Gods themselves.

  8. I believe that everything depends very much on the individual, but paganism can influence in some moments. For example, if there is no hell, then there is no reason to fear for their soul and such a person acts as honestly as possible in relation to himself. There are many such examples, but they are not the main point of the question. If a Gentile acts according to faith, then the answer must be found in these beliefs. For example, the Proto-Indo-Europeans developed a cult of heroes and it was important for them to remain in the memory of posterity. Something like that.

  9. Live for yourself in your own pleasure, take everything from life . To be self-centered, his motto of life is I, Me, My everything only for myself, putting my goals above others, the needs of others . Morley doesn't exist for them .

  10. Your child gets speech skills,learns to speak. What is the meaning of his life?

    PAGANISM-there is a period of the existence of mankind, when there were different speeches and there was no written language yet.

    PAGANISM is not a religious cult, but a period of humanity's introduction to speech.


  11. Actually in the same thing, what is the meaning of any following on religion.Only everything is put a little differently,and the naming of the “gods” is changed.Strengthening, and improving the days of the earth, with firm confidence for the benefits to come.The names are changed and some forms, of course, confusion of “good” and “evil”.Personal opinion.

  12. The meaning of life for all people is the same. Do good, fight evil, develop yourself and improve the world. What a person is guided by – religions, ideologies, philosophies – does not matter at all. The result is important.

  13. To answer this question, you need to know what paganism is in question, about the status of a particular person and about the God who protects him. Agree if a person has a patron god of fertility-this is one concept of life, and if the god of war is another concept of life. Outside of monotheistic religions, you won't find one truth at all. This is the essence of paganism, that everyone looks at life from their own point of view.

  14. You can answer this question with “42” and it will be correct, but if you are not joking, then the point is to find the Meaning. Monotheistic religions lead to one of two dead ends – heaven or hell, without offering alternatives, but in my opinion the Path of a pagan in the development of the spiritual through the life path and beyond, which implies a cycle of karmic rebirths. Gain experience in life situations.
    We come to this world, no matter how strange it may sound-to live, not to die, and the realization of this makes us learn to live with ourselves, with the world around us, so that there, in another world, we can set other goals for ourselves, open new horizons.

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