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  1. No way. I would say even more: whether it is any plans or goals, any desires or attachments, any feelings or thoughts-everything will be absorbed or devalued by eternity.

    A person's fantasies of continuing life after death are a wretched fear of infinity, which they try to “limit” and “squeeze”in this way.

    Young children are afraid of the dark, because they lose the “horizon” of vision, behind which lurks a threat in the form of monsters, predatory animals or bad people. When the lights are turned on, the child finds the boundaries of his world, in which there may be hostility, but there is already space and time to either run away or face danger.

    So it is with the afterlife. Its existence as a light in the dark for a child, “reduces” infinity to… household level. Therefore, it makes it possible to talk about the “eternity of life”, “heaven”, “hell” and all such evil spirits: the “flashlight” is lit and fears have receded.

    In fact, there is a Law of our World: there is nothing eternal, except the eternally changing and reborn Nature.

    Damn, I'm going to scare you with terminology: that is, our world is not metaphysical, it is dynamic in a constant rebirth of what it consists of: microparticles, atoms, molecules, substances, planets, stars, galaxies… and maybe something else we don't know yet. Everything that is alive and non-living has its own time limit. What causes it?! God only knows, and maybe He doesn't.

    Death is the boundary of Life and only it defines and gives meaning to Life. Without this border, Life would lose all meaning.

    And because… hurry up to live. And how to live, here everyone decides for themselves: either live as an animal, satisfying their instincts, or as a person, leaving behind a good memory. Because only a good memory lives longer, which means that this is the big “life” of a person after death. An evil memory is fleeting and as a rule it is quickly forgotten and a person dies forever.

    Someone will say that after all, a good memory will disappear. Of course, but the longer it lasts, the longer the world will remember you, which means the world will be a little better. This is how humanity moves bit by bit towards a better life. Also not eternal, but certainly beautiful.

  2. The meaning of eternal life after death is primarily always present only for adherents of a particular religious teaching, where such a concept is directly present and where considerable attention is paid to it, but for non-believers it makes no sense, since they do not make any effort to save themselves and are not interested in it, relying in their arguments only on scientific facts and studies that refute the theory of the existence of an afterlife and the entire religious system as a whole.

    For believers, however, eternal life after death, namely, eternal sojourn, and for others, in the sense of “eternal reunion” with God, in this immeasurable dimension, appears not only as eternal bliss, complete peace(and not as an eternal pension), but first of all as reunion with the Creator, never-ending stay in Paradise with Him, because the Creator is not the only one who is able to adherents see this as their true happiness, purpose, purpose and meaning of their entire life, because they put their whole soul into studying their chosen religion, preaching, fulfilling certain religious precepts, rituals, cults, and full dedication and devotion to their faith until death with the “remaking” of a sinner into a righteous person, which together amounts to an exorbitant work throughout their life and work on themselves from the point of view of spiritual practice.

    Goals and plans for the future are an integral part of our earthly life, without which our life will be boring, uninteresting, monotonous and meaningless, they have no place anywhere in the eternal Kingdom of God, where a person should forever enjoy union or stay with the Lord, because it is interpreted in different religious teachings, but the essence is approximately the same for followers of the Abrahamic religions. I hope my opinion on reliable facts was useful to you

  3. A person dies, goes to hell and is surprised-there are a lot of laughing people around, cafes, bars, striptease, movies, parks, good weather, everything is calm, everyone is happy. And suddenly he accidentally looks into some alley, and there! The people are screaming, the devils are roasting them-soaring through all the cracks, whips, axes-everything goes into action. Tovarisch our almost obhekalsya, paled-turned green and asks the passing devil What is it!!!!. And he answers: yes, this is a Christian idea, but we don't mind

  4. A person dies, gets to the last judgment, they say to him: “Your case is unique, sin and virtue are equal, 50 50, You have the right to choose hell or heaven.” He was embarrassed. “I don't know anything about heaven and hell, how can I choose.” He is given an excursion to various places. In hell, he sees debauchery, nakedness, excessive gluttony of delicacies and alcoholic libations, devils scurrying with golden trays filled with crystal, flames around them. They lead to paradise. It's beautiful there ! The blue sky with peacefully floating clouds, the warm and gentle sun warms beautiful and calm people walking on the green grass among the indescribable beauty of trees. Angels play harps, the music is mesmerizing, poems are heard. This is the end of the excursion. They ask if he has decided on his choice. Replies: “Paradise is amazing, but a little boring. Hell is scary, but somehow more fun, I choose hell. ” It will be done ! In the blink of an eye, he finds himself in a vat of boiling tar, the devil holds him by the “fifth point” with a pitchfork, not allowing him to get out. He yells, ” Where am I? Where did everything that was shown to me go?”, they answer him – ” Man, don't confuse a tour with permanent residence !”

  5. Eternal life is possible only in the absence of time. How does it feel to be timeless, someone can describe? Outside of time is only God and those who will be worthy of eternal life. Eternal life inside the universe is impossible, if the universe has a beginning (the Big Bang theory), then it will have an end. Even the Christian heaven and hell are places within the universe, temporary places until Judgment.

  6. This idea was brought up in us by Christianity. However, in more ancient religions there is no such primitive chronological ruler “born-lived-died-heaven/hell”. In them, life is presented as an eternal cycle, developing in a spiral. As the seasons change, so the states of the soul (terrestrial and extraterrestrial) change each other, helping it to develop and improve, following a Higher plan or Fate. And in this worldview, the current earthly life is not perceived as the only and final one, but only as one of the stages of development.

  7. It's funny that out of five dozen answers, only a couple of Christian believers were found. And from this I conclude that our believers have no idea what they will do in the next world. And just in case, they try not to think about it. :-))

  8. According to the information provided, 75 responses have already been given to this question. Simple modesty does not allow me to become in this worthy row of 76th…

    But it is also not appropriate for a priest to remain silent in response to a question asked. Therefore, I will answer you with a modest word of sobering up, which you will hear from Svetlana Kopylova in her song “There were two twins in the mother's womb…” – you can easily find on the web.

  9. Yes, now half of the civilized world lives like this. I ate pizza, drank beer, and went online to like stupid videos. Everything goes to turn a person into a creature that does not strive for anything.

  10. How can you live without goals? Life has no purpose. Goals exist in the biological shell – to prolong existence (self-preservation, procreation).

    Life has no end, life is a means.

    Comprehension of meaning at the level of the medium is impossible. Just as a computer cannot comprehend the purposes of a key-presser.

    No one interferes with comprehending the meaning at the level of the creator of this meaning. If we are the creator.

  11. It's hard to answer. Now thinking is limited and, accordingly, how it will be impossible to imagine. Eternal communion with God and enjoyment. I repeat, this is now impossible to understand because of the damaged nature of man.

  12. This meaning can be explained by the example of another example: After finishing school, students were preparing to enter a university as a programmer. But only the most trained students who understood the principles of programming and debugging programs well were admitted. After admission, these students have already started a new life in which they will be allowed to create new programs and implement them.

    Before that, they studied existing programs and learned to appreciate the existing order in a disciplined and impeccable way, and not try to put their own order in a more correct way.

    This exam filters out those “programmers” who are too proud to obey and work in a team and who (give them power) will start writing their own hacking programs and destroy the existing order. They will follow the path of the “fallen angel”.

    And the universe will continue to expand and develop through the work of those who have passed the exam.

  13. Every life has its own goals and objectives,and each of them is different depending on the state of mind, and this is exactly what makes up the basis of life. Eternity begins with today, and its vector depends on the person himself. You can wander into a dead end, and therefore forget about any movement, development. If life means movement, diverse, diverse, unified and integral. You can see the source to which you are striving. The tasks are clear, the means are available, and no loneliness, by the grace of God.

  14. What you are asking is not “eternal life after death”, it is the only real life, and all meaning can be inherent in it and only in it. The Lord directly says that there was no time when we did not exist, and there will never be a time when we will cease to exist. This means that the individual consciousness never dies and has not died in the past, only the bodies die. And what really doesn't make any sense is to constantly change these bodies, moving from one to the other for the sake of insignificant material desires, which you call goals and plans for the future. We are eternal souls, parts of God. All of His infinite power and wealth is rightfully ours, just as a rich father's fortune is rightfully his children's. We don't need to make plans for the future, we don't need the future at all, because if we only want to, we will have a present full of inexhaustible and ever-expanding bliss, happiness. We will stop being limited, mortal, miserable, vulnerable, exploited, and forget about suffering forever. Don't you think that this kind of life makes a lot more sense than your current one?

  15. Oh! This is if to heaven! What if I go to hell ? As Bernard Shaw said when asked whether he would like to go to hell or heaven after death.- “Heaven, of course, is preferable, but in hell-society is more interesting!” It seems to me that paradise is a continuation of your life with all its activities, but without a mortal body and physical ailments. Something like this)

  16. In DECEIVING people with priests. There will be no eternal life after death, and there will be no reincarnation. Only those who WILL BEGIN to Live here and now, becoming people, leaving the dogmas of science and religion, society, from the laws of consumption and reproduction, invented by the powerful of this world, which lowered us below animals.

  17. It doesn't make any sense, so why do you think that everything should make sense ?

    There is not a single proof of the existence of God, the soul, the afterlife, etc. And there are fairy tales about the creation of the world . This is a departure from the main question: “The lack of evidence for the existence of God is a direct proof that he does not exist. There is no other way to prove what doesn't exist. There is no god, and there are religions that are based on the majority's fear of death. and a minority is adept at exploiting this fear.

  18. What is the mystical meaning of the wedding sacrament? Answer this question to the first grader. No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to explain anything to him. But this first-grader graduated from high school and university. I became interested in mysticism and symbolism. And now it's ready.

    It's the same with us. We imagine everything based on our “first-class” knowledge, consciousness and intelligence. The meaning will come later, when we “grow up” and “learn”. But intuitively, we already know ( those who feel and hear the inner voice). The Biblical fairy paradise is an evening fairy tale for the kid. It has the same hidden meaning as in Krylov's fables. In them, animals and birds speak human language and discuss human problems. Is this an animal world? No, it's the human world reflected in the animal world. Christian theology does not understand “fables”.

    Eternal life, this is eternal development, these are eternal horizons of the new, these are eons of unknown years and paths. The Biblical paradise is a “chicken coop” behind a high fence. And in this chicken coop, our consciousness whirls, not knowing that there is a vast world behind the fence, eager for our exploration.

  19. Strumming the harp and blessing our Lord for His incalculable grace is the true purpose of any intelligent being, as you may not understand. Only this is the essence of our existence 🙂

  20. Eternal paradise is a fairy tale. That's paradise just is a type of vacation, after again to work. Hell is a punishment cell, prisons are special types of regimes, and most people live in free settlements. If someone has not noticed-you have to pay for everything in life and nothing is given just like that, and even more so, there is nothing eternal in our world except the energy itself, only changing forms, the very source of energy and those who can be aware of themselves as someone,identify with something, someone. The one who changes these places is eternal and so, that is, the goal itself to become eternal is not worth it, it is only a matter of awareness. What most people call the goals of life, in fact, only means to achieve them. “buying a house” is not a goal, it is a means to refine life as much as possible, make it comfortable, etc. So it is with all the other “goals,” meaning they all come down to four things-sleep, sex, food, and defense. The most interesting thing is that all these “goals” and aspirations are even more accessible to animals that do not differ in the presence of reason, that is, they do not have awareness of their own “I”, their own identification and live by two types of instincts. So the human society is reduced to the same level. Therefore, the reasoning on the topic of life goals and plans for the future looks at least incomprehensible…

  21. Paradise is the delight of the soul, union with God. Just earthlings are surprised by the device of the other world……) it is in our earthly life that we constantly make plans, think about something. And after death, eternal pleasure (if a person went to heaven, of course)

  22. The trouble with many of the respondents here is that they do not provide arguments and proofs for their words. Don't specify the source. So it turns out that everything they write is their personal opinion. Without guarantees
    that it is correct. So I will refer to the Vedic scriptures. The Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. This is not a product of human knowledge, but the words of God Himself. The meaning of every soul, through spiritual practice, is to gain devotion and love for God and
    return home to the spiritual world… The time spent on the higher planets is limited by the stock of accumulated piety. They also fall from the heavenly worlds..

  23. If you wish, and after death, you can find fun adventures on your fifth point, first getting to heaven to fool around from the heart, then after being expelled from heaven to hell, mess up there, and as a result go to an unscheduled reincarnation, as neither heaven nor hell will accept, and again incarnating on earth, start spoiling your karma again with new tricks)))).

  24. A very deep question. Of course, it is better to ask about this topic, those people who are engaged in spiritual development, they have more knowledge! Material people will give a distorted interpretation with their minds.

    untrained people do not have full access to spiritual knowledge – they are confused in dogmatic concepts. why?

    because Intelligence is not suitable for working with information that is not related to the three-dimensional world. The mind knows nothing about the mysteries of life and death, other dimensions, the dream world, etc. So (scientists) make mistakes when they try to explain things like the soul…
    Based on formal logic, they want to explain the divine codes. To want to interpret all these scriptures intellectually is a grave mistake. Because it will use its own mind to connect interpretation with data that has nothing in common. If we want to know something about the divine mysteries, our intellect and mind are not suitable…

    Now, to the question, what will happen after death?

    I describe officially how it is said in the teachings of Buddha, Krishna and Gnosis:

    (Soul), which will leave the physical body, the first person to meet it is the Court, in the East it is called “Karma”, i.e. the Soul will be counted all its good and bad deeds during life.

    There, the soul will be evaluated to assign a New fate. All this will be (installed), everything will be weighed and evaluated. Like Bro, it's time to pay your debts, and the soul pays, if there is nothing to pay, then PAIN. For example, in the form of an illness – to pay for mistakes/crimes that he committed during his lifetime.

    the soul of the deceased, and it does not matter whether it understands or does not understand what is happening to it. You will say, but this is wrong? If we are judged, and we don't even understand where we are and what is happening to us? This is our problem, not theirs. If we have died with a sleeping consciousness, naturally we will not be able to understand what is happening in dreams.

    Then, after the “court of Karma”, a verdict is passed:
    – Immediate return (to earth)
    – Deferred refund (vacation)
    “or HELL

    I won't describe it any further. If you are interested in this knowledge about the Soul, about life and death, I am ready to share this knowledge in more detail

    on the online course Gnosis, lectures are taught for free. Link: https://forms.gle/a2KvbhjUArfJ58oD7

  25. Meaning is the prerogative of the living Mind, Mind is a fragment of Matter,

    for the inanimate Mind, there is no meaning – nothing.

    Consciousness doesn't go anywhere, it changes its state

    • changes that are critical for its owner

    • and indifferent to matter.

  26. What is the meaning of eternal life after death? Let's say you're in heaven. And what — is it like an eternal pension? How can you live forever without goals, without plans for the future?

    How do you know that there are no future plans or goals in paradise?

  27. About paradise: in Christianity and Judaism, the belief in the resurrection of the dead is professed, therefore, in the indefinite future, during the “resurrection”, the brain and other organs are restored in a whole and healthy form. It is possible that an additional upgrade of the body is being made. Consciousness turns on and the person finds himself in the world, conventionally called “Paradise” almost immediately after death, because the time spent in non-existence is not recorded by consciousness. Before going to “Heaven”, a person goes through a stage of” purification “- Orthodox ordeals, Catholic purgatory, Jewish” hell for a year”, where a person realizes his mistakes and missed opportunities.

    As far as I understand, “Paradise” is not so much a place for relaxation and enjoyment, but a place where you can understand the meaning and purpose of the existence of the world and the human mind , what is rather vaguely called “God” If you had to experience “brain removal” in the process of creativity, play, or love (and sex, too, yes,yes) , scientific insight , or at the sight of stunning beauty , in short, when you completely selflessly create or realize new things , then, like, you slightly touch the “divine” meaning of being. So in “Paradise” the whole buzz is in the infinite knowledge of “God” (well, there is no normal term for this super-important and unnameable) and the understanding that you can really trust Him. Perhaps the upgraded person will be able to create worlds by himself, realizing his creative potential, as it is said in the Psalms of David: “Bozi este and sons of the Most High all “

    In other words, as Agent Cooper claimed in Twin Peaks, “Paradise is a big and interesting place,” not an endless weekend at the beach where everything is included. Although orchards, fruits, and favorite relatives are also present.

    As for “Hell”, I am encouraged by the Jewish version, when you are in it only for a year, and then you go to “Heaven”, and if you are a completely irreparable villain, then you simply cease to exist.

    However, just non-existence, without any afterlife, as eternal rest, as the deepest sleep, is also not bad.

  28. This is probably too difficult for human understanding, such as understanding what happened before the Big Bang -it is extremely difficult for a person to imagine the absence of space and time. Perhaps it's the same here

  29. Don't understand how eternity cancels plans for the future? In my opinion, all plans for the future are canceled just now-by death. And if you don't see the meaning of eternity, how did you find it here, where just any of our work is meaningless (read Ecclesiastes)

    I have a basic plan for eternity that I will no longer be hindered by the two things that grieve my existence in the earthly vale, namely: parting without meeting, that is, death, and a wound without healing, that is, a constant illness

    And I sincerely don't understand what the absence of these two problems can mean for you in eternal life

    Some strange attempt to invent a problem where there is none, and if a person has no problems, he will try to create them for himself

    P. S.

    And in eternity, I think we will be engaged in creative work, this is how it all started, why not finish it

    Our Old man began with this-with creativity, with this everything begins, with a creative act, with this the book of the Bible begins: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” and in eternity it does not stop, on the contrary, it ceases to interfere: All sorts of Dantes and material need (because it was because of it that many had to do not what they wanted, but what they paid for),

  30. Eternal life has nothing to do with death or birth. Life is like a line, beginningless and infinite, and birth and death are only small points on the boundless line of Life.

  31. A three-dimensional world without good and evil, and ours with a two-dimensional perception and consistent construction of three-dimensionality. This is probably an approximation to absolute altruism. A way out of the good-evil divide. It's like the convergence of two worlds in their inner essence. Well, then let's assume such a fantasy.: the transition will become conscious , and maybe there will be fluctuations with a low amplitude. for a person, the concept of your-mine, your – someone else's, etc. will cease to exist.

  32. First, read The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. This thing is a good brain cleaner. Just don't be lazy — read ALL the comments, there are a lot of them.

  33. First, you need to figure out who invented or where this concept of “eternal life” could have originated (the question of who experienced it is not appropriate at all, since so far such people have not been found on our planet)? In religion? The main source that constantly exaggerates this concept and constantly speculates on it is religion. We will not go into the details of what religion it is – Christian or Mohammedan, Jewish or some other? Let's also leave the question open: why was it necessary for religion? Now it is important to understand something else: does eternal life exist or is it made up?

    I believe that this concept is imposed on humanity. Discussing it is as pointless as discussing whether another Galaxy exists and how it was formed. We don't have enough information to discuss this today. This is also the case with eternal life. There is no evidence that it exists. There are assumptions and hypotheses, but there is nothing else to support it.

    Humanity has invented eternal life to justify the meaninglessness of its existence (on the scale of the universe) of a particular individual. In turn, it is pleasant for a particular person to realize that after his death he will be able to continue to “live” in some unknown “afterlife”. This flatters his vanity that he will remain “alive” in this world, and will not cease to exist at the moment of his physical death. If this makes it easier for someone and they really want to believe in it, then there is no need to ask questions about what and how will happen in eternal life? In the same vein, you can continue to invent what you want to believe: in paradise, in eternal retirement, in eternal love. Yes, in anything, since it is still a figment of our imagination, why limit yourself to something? If you need goals in eternal life, please come up with them. We need achievements that you will achieve in eternal life – so think of them, who can refute it? If there is a desire to spend time on fantasy, then how can this be prevented? After all, it is much easier to invent your own eternal life than to achieve a specific goal in the existing one.

    We reproach the younger generation for living in virtual life, replacing reality with fiction. I believe that faith in eternal life is no different from such a virtual life. The concept of eternal life is exactly the same invention.

    P.S. I am happy to believe that eternal life exists when the relevant evidence, facts or proofs are provided.

  34. The question itself practically contains the answer to it…

    You can only suffer forever, there is no eternal pleasure. So is this heaven?

    I think that if “there” is something, then all followers of any teachings about what is there will be extremely, extremely surprised by what they will meet there…

  35. Much is hidden from man. After all, even if we consider the human brain, is the entire reserve of the brain used by a person? No, just a few percent. So maybe our earthly life is a tiny fraction of what this soul is still destined to experience. Of course, not on earth, but after death in another world. In the kingdom of God. Do you imagine that life as a boring retirement?. I think that only then in another world, when the soul is free, then it will open up to it what is not given to us now. If you fantasize and speculate, then it will be possible to open up the cosmos, other earths and other worlds, other beings (after all, God has them, take the same angels).

    When Jesus Christ lived on earth, he once condemned people and said these words: “If your faith were as big as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain,' Move from here to there, ' and it would move; nothing would be impossible for you.” Now imagine how little faith a person has. But if it was even the size of a mustard seed (by the way, this is one of the smallest seeds), then a person could move mountains. Now, there, in God's kingdom, a man of faith will have not the size of a mustard seed, but much more. Now imagine what this person (resurrected, of course) will be able to do. There is something in the Bible that describes this Heavenly City and what life will be like there. Read the revelation of John. And do not think that after death you will be eaten by worms and there will be a void. Not true. The Bible says something else. All the best to you, good man. Seek the Lord and you will have everything.

  36. The question doesn't make sense. As usual, talk about something. And do nothing… The meaning of the existence of a living being, a human being, is in the development of his Spirit and the desire of the Spirit to develop its qualities to the Soul. This goal is constant regardless of where the Spirit ends up after death. But what's the point of talking about it if we don't develop spiritually during our lifetime?

  37. Once a cat that had lived in an apartment for 10 years was taken outside. The cat was terrified. There was no ceiling on the street.
    Now explain how it was possible to tell this cat, who except for the apartment did not see anything, what is the sky, what are forests and fields, mountains and seas? The cat would probably ask: what do you offer me there, a softer sofa and a bigger TV?
    So are we, with this question.

  38. Meaning-peace of mind. Goals, plans-these are all the concerns of life, and they are chaotic and sometimes self-destructive, they do not need to exist in the afterlife. The only goal that means anything is the path to nirvana, to paradise, and so on. If you believe religion, then” there ” will be only bliss, without feelings and emotions, and the highest happiness. In bliss, one loses the need for everything else. This can even be compared to drug addicts, who in this very fictitious nirvana no longer need other life phenomena.

  39. No one can be one hundred percent sure of what paradise looks like, for example. What makes you think that there is a life without goals? Perhaps, getting there, a person moves to a new level, and there he has other goals and tasks, but they simply do not correspond to those that a person had in his earthly life.

    Just imagine that outside of this life, life continues, but according to some other rules. Like what? We won't know for sure until we get there.

    Perhaps it's like in a computer game-you pass one level, you get to the second.

    And I don't mean the theory of reincarnation, where a person lives one life after another until they reach enlightenment and enter nirvana.

    I mean that there is no absolute rest in the universe, which means that there will be a constant movement, including beyond the life of a person in a physical body.

  40. Your question was born in the void. This is some kind of miracle. Logically, first you should have found the answer to the question about your real life, and then you should have moved on. And you go straight to space. That's why we got lost. Let's say they gave you a million dollars and a three-room apartment, and a Lada. And what will you do? How will you live without goals and without plans? And how your ancestors live in some paradise, it's just not your business. Africans don't go into your refrigerator. The Chinese don't get under your blanket. Focus on your life. Find meaning in this life.
    And our ancestors, in paradise, just live. They are friends and are engaged in creative work. They enjoy the life of the spirit. I think they are creating new worlds and new universes there. Like us, we write books, make all sorts of movies, home videos and movies, create video games. See what percentage of the economy is occupied by the service sector. The Internet is growing all the time and science is expanding. People will always find something to do. In any world. Think about yourself, about your life.

  41. Paradise, translated as “garden of pleasure” is an interesting Bible verse: “the meek shall inherit the earth. And enjoy the abundance of peace.” As you can see, heaven will be on earth. And most importantly: “And none of the residents will say: “I'm sick.” How can life be boring when everyone has perfect health?

  42. From the standpoint of Christianity, eternal life is not seen as a constant idleness and a continuous feast. This is rather typical of pagan beliefs. This is how they imagine paradise.
    In the Christian doctrine of eternal life, there is one of the main foundations of faith, namely that man is the image of God. This means that the goals of a person are quite similar to the Divine ones. That is, management of creation, creation, support, direction. Man is the pinnacle of God's plan, and therefore the meaning of existence has never been to eat, drink, or reproduce. Man must fulfill the functions of God on earth.
    But this is precisely the main problem of humanity. To be a full-fledged image of God on earth, one must live like God-FOREVER. This is exactly what our forefather Adam possessed. Immortality. But after the well-known story of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, man lost his immortality. And unable to be the image of God now. In addition, our enemy, and at the same time completely invincible, is AGING. Thus, all human affairs, even the greatest ones, are devalued by aging and subsequent decomposition. And so things really lose their meaning. But if a person lives without end, without time and restrictions, then in this case any of his business will be achievable. It will not collapse, it will not age, it will not decompose.
    And of course, it will not be forgotten by the next generations, because everyone who lives forever, a priori, are eyewitnesses of any events. This is the meaning of eternal life.

  43. Personally, I agree with Walsh. The meaning of life is awareness. Agree it is difficult to realize yourself when there is nothing in the world. There was a God who was not material and there was nothing else, and this is what he creates to realize himself, which is the opposite of himself-matter and this matter came out of himself, so we are both like Him and opposite to Him at the same time-in this religion sees sin, precisely in the fact that we are separated from Him. But without this separation there is no awareness, it is not possible to realize what is hot if you do not know what is cold, from here is not the static nature of the entire cosmos, without this awareness and development is not possible… without the bad, there will be no good… in everything there is an opposite and all this in order to realize that you are, you exist, you are a small part of matter, and therefore God… And I think that all our thoughts and emotions add up to some kind of unified awareness of God himself. This is the meaning of life. I think we live in the body to form an energy soul, like a caterpillar gives birth to a butterfly, and this soul still lives for a while, but then merges with God. Both hell and heaven are how the soul lives, either satisfied with the past life and enjoys it, or not and then suffers. If you have understood correctly, you should also understand the fact that there is no absolute evil and no absolute good. For example , Hitler showed the whole World what nationalism is and the division of people into higher and lower races, as a result, people to some extent realized the perniciousness of these ideas and global wars and are trying to prevent this from happening any more. As a result, Hitler seemed to act as a teacher of humanity, and this was a necessary evil for awareness and raising this awareness a step higher.

  44. The concept of “eternity” is purely relative -it can be 200 years or 500, but everything has its own time frame with a difference in attitude. As for the meaning – it is always there, because even micro-organisms have it, although they do not realize it, in a word – enjoy, live and do not worry for no reason

  45. Here is an eternal pension is right to the point 😂. In fact, this world is just a test and verification of each soul, in our understanding, life in this world is life. In fact, this is not the case: The Qur'an says: “This world is just a game and a joke! And she will have eternal life. Indeed, Allah is All-forgiving, All-merciful.”
    If you are grateful to your Lord and do not commit wickedness, you will not be wronged even by the size of a date stone. In paradise, you will not ask such questions, there will only be blozhenstvo, blozhenstvo and more blozhenstvo 💫

  46. The task in the other world is to raise the level of consciousness and intelligence in order to move to the third world-the fiery one. This is not fiction ,but reality. and why a halo is painted over the heads of saints. Such people light fires in their nerve cells and already have the ability to connect with the world consciousness. After death, they immediately pass into the fiery world. Ordinary people return to Earth until they reach the fiery state. What do the people of the fiery world do ( these are already androgynous)”they may return to Earth to take care of ordinary people, or they may go to other planets. The fiery world is again an intermediate stage. So there is no limit to life

  47. More Uncle Vova listen, aha to paradise )) what pensions, what paradises, what plans, that world is completely different, there is no you and there is no time, instead of you there will be your unconscious, there is just eternity and oblivion, eternal buzz, or eternal sleep,or eternal torment, who is how, who is at what level of development, and will get there, everyone gets what they deserve and according to their deeds and according to their development, judging by our people, it will be.. build, work, eat, sleep, drink and talk nonsense, they are waiting THERE, to put it mildly, an unenviable fate. Especially those freaks who destroy the planet and nature, who drive criminal cars that destroy the HOLY AND GREATEST, THIS IS THE HOLY SPIRIT!! These people are waiting for terrible torments, forever suffocating in that world and suffering, unbearable suffering, according to the eternal principle that you will poss and reap, as it turns out…, and so on, in general, everything will return like a boomerang, as they sing) no one has escaped punishment yet, I am already silent about the fascists who build factories and enterprises and who work for them and follow the path that the criminal system suggested (imposed), Those sufferings that await all the current inhabitants will simply go off scale, in their severity, but everything is simple, they fall into their own world, which they created unconsciously, they mercilessly and viciously poisoned nature and people, thought only about their own …ope, FOR THIS, no one has yet escaped a terrible punishment.Therefore, any non-adequate person, for example, who buys a car or drives it, let them think about how it will end, if they think-this is all a fairy tale, let them not say later that I did not warn you. The soul is a special form of eternal life, then you will find out what awaits you all. Does nature not destroy you enough? Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hail from a chicken egg, hurricanes, killer thunderstorms, fireballs, all kinds of diseases and bacteria, I'm already silent about 90% of schizophrenics in the world and the rest of the inadequates, with all the psycho deviations and neuroses, the planet also roasts you with the sun, or freezes you with frosts,etc., you don't know, no happiness, no joy, no life, no health, or even, real food and air, etc., and never saw it and didn't know it, it's just that there is your first punishment, in general, the planet released all the heavy artillery, against you, shi-zofrenikov, do you think just like that? REMEMBER! AS LONG AS YOU DON't WIPE OUT THE ENTIRE CIVILIZATION, ALL THE CITIES and megacities of the killer, all living things, etc., and don't change, don't become people for the first time in history, and don't become stupid pigs, and don't build a reasonable, bright, magical society, nothing will shine for you, if you don't do it yourself, you still have no chance, nature will do it, itself, as always. It is the destruction of this criminal civilization, or leaving it, that guarantees everything that a person dreams of, eternal happiness, eternal health, cleanliness, beauty, greatness, magic, true love, a sense of REAL life, inside, which many people do not have now, and everything else. And by the way, there is no WE and never was, everyone will answer FOR THEMSELVES!

    P. s The most interesting thing is that EVEN, our killed TV, suddenly began to talk, EXACTLY about what I write, right now!!!))) I can't believe my ears, but they suddenly started calling, too!!

    Really, for the first time a little wiser..

  48. Afterlife heaven / hell offer their followers mainly variants of Christian religions, the meaninglessness of the Christian religion is easy to see if you start looking closely at the details, for example: only the sinless deserve paradise, and these are uninitiative people who do not think and accept everything on faith, that there, in this paradise, they will be able to explore it is not clear who these are, just people who break all prohibitions and climb where it is impossible, and for this hell. But it was the almighty God who made them that way, so he didn't plan any explorers in paradise…Speaking of omnipotence, God can do everything-so he can make an infinitely heavy stone, such that it would not be possible to lift it, if he can not lift it, then he is not omnipotent, and if he can, then he is not omnipotent, because he could not make such a stone..

    if there can't be an omnipotent God, then there probably isn't a heaven. religion is too human and was invented for the voluntary obedience of some people to others while living on Earth.

  49. Good morning! Some of the kids of billionaires live on a permanent vacation in Hawaii or somewhere else, and for some reason they don't complain. Now think about whether you will need “goals and plans for the future” if you, provided that the Creator agrees to this, will be in a state of constant orgasm. I don't think so. Just all these plans will be thrown off completely.

  50. The soul has only one meaning-it is evolution.Everything she does, learns, suffers, enjoys, loves or hates-it's all for the sake of growth, for the sake of knowledge, for the sake of creating, creating new and beautiful things, all for the sake of development, perfection. And there is no limit to perfection….and the soul has no pension…there is an infinite evolutionary process.

  51. When I was still in school, I often dreamed that it would be nice if all the good people lived in Karaganda and all the bad people lived there in America.

    Over time, I realized that this is what our ancestors dreamed of when they invented Heaven and Hell. Just put all the good ones and all the bad ones in different rooms. Originally, Paradise was the place from which all the bad people suddenly disappeared.

    And all the fairy tales about Resurrection and life after death were thought up later.

  52. If we take for example the Christian paradise, then such an image was formed:

    1. You live forever.

    2. You don't need anything.

    3. You don't want anything.

    4. You cease to exist as a person.

    It's kind of like nirvana.

  53. In physics, there is an M-theory, in simple terms – �in our universe, time moves as if linearly, forward. But outside of our universe, if we talk about four-dimensional space, time does not exist. And if we got there, we would see that space-time is flat, like a one-dimensional sculpture. Matter is simultaneously located at all points in superposition, and our consciousness simply rushes along the knurled, like cars on the track. All that is beyond our universe is eternity, an eternity that looks down upon us. For us — it's a sphere, but for them, it's a circle.

    In theology, there is a theory that the realization of the Lord is possible only with the acquisition of divine consciousness.

    Regarding our question: until you die , you won't understand.

  54. Look at any domestic cat and understand how you can live in the present day, without goals, plans and thoughts about the future. Many people live a routine life, escaping boredom by watching TV, playing football, and fishing. Nothing will change for them in the Christian paradise, only thoughts about mortgages, fears of illness, hunger, and loss will disappear. And of course, the opportunity to devote all your free time to expressing your love for God.

  55. Believe me!

    This question doesn't just torment you

    I've been thinking about this almost since I was a child, but I realized that we don't have an answer for this question because we don't have an idea of eternity because there is nothing eternal in the world so it's quite normal that we don't have an answer to this question

    In this lifetime, we won't know the answer�

    This is my personal opinion

  56. A very interesting question in the sense that, perhaps, it is impossible to unequivocally answer even the question of the meaning of life here and now, not to mention the meaning of life after death (provided that it exists).

    Perhaps this is self-improvement at a new level: without the fear of death, there will be no impetus to development, but it is likely to remain important.

    In this regard, I believe in absolute nothingness after physical death, or at least in the cycle of rebirth.

  57. Hello, a very interesting question, indeed, life without plans and goals does not make sense, so first you can figure out what happens to a person after death. The answer to this question was recorded in the Bible, which says: “The dead know nothing… their love and their hatred and their jealousy have already disappeared… In the grave … there is no work, no reflection, no knowledge, no wisdom “(Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6,�10). – from this passage it is clear that after the death of a person, nothing happens to him, he simply does not exist.
    But does that mean it's the end of life? ~
    In the same book, hope is given to the dead – Do not be surprised, because the hour is coming when everyone in the memorial crypts will hear his voice…and they will come out… – (by memorial crypts here is meant the memory of God in which they are located) millions of people will be resurrected to live on earth.

    Many people wonder what they will do if they live on earth for all eternity . The answer can be read from Isaiah 65: 21 ” People will build houses and live in them, plant vineyards and eat their fruit.It will not be so that they will build and another will live, they will plant and another will eat. The days of my people will be like the days of a tree, and my chosen ones will make full use of their handiwork.”- and this is only one of the things that we can do while living for all eternity, humanity will be perfect, healthy and full of energy. Everyone will have the opportunity to meet their relatives and friends, and even those who died before they were born. We will finally be able to fulfill all our dreams and goals. Life on earth will definitely not be boring))
    I hope these thoughts helped you understand what the meaning of eternal life is)

  58. To talk about the meaning of life after death, you need to empirically know what “death” is and what will happen after it (any knowledge comes from the organs of perception), but, since death is the absence and cessation of any empirical perception/experience, therefore, at the death of the body, there will be no one who could know what is on the other side. There will be no perceiver, no experience, no transfer of experience to our world. So, all the talk about (paradise, goals, future, past, eternal life, etc.) is all our ideas, in other words, fanaticism-consolation, we are moving away from the current reality, we are running away from the current moment of perception because of idleness or from the fact that something does not suit us in the moment “now”, in the current life.

  59. perhaps in paradise you can create what you wanted before you died and all the wishes that were not fulfilled in life come true in paradise which means you can do what you want there or for example look at what you have never seen

  60. Whether you find eternal life boring or not depends largely on your views. If you have an “inquisitive mind and an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge,” think about what heights you could reach in art, music, architecture, gardening, or any other field that interests you. Eternal life on earth will give you an amazing opportunity to develop the diverse talents that are hidden in you.

    Being able to love and be loved forever will make eternal life truly beautiful. We are created by God with the capacity to love, and we flourish when we feel loved.True love brings true satisfaction, which is beyond the control of time . Eternal life will allow us to grow continuously, not only in our love for others, but more importantly, in our love for God (1 Corinthians 8: 3).

    What an amazing promise to know and be known by the Master of the universe himself! In addition, you can learn about our loving Creator endlessly. God loves us and cares for us, so he offers us eternal life and eternal friendship with Him(James 2: 23).

  61. This will be an incomplete answer, as I myself do not have a clear understanding of the purpose and meaning of paradise, if there is one. But once in my life, I had something of an epiphany. I was just reading a book in the car, and then an amazing feeling of understanding everything that is really important in the world came over me, a sense of unity with everything that I see and feel, a sense of ironic tenderness for myself-the former, so stupid, restless, when any problem can be corrected in a couple of simple ways, based on sincerity and love. Some people will call it inspiration, but nothing like that, it's not that, I write poetry, I know the taste of inspiration. I remember that my father was surprised and happy, but at the same time he was very scared, because the smile did not leave my face. Quiet, all-understanding, yet active bliss, satisfaction from everything. I do not know what it is. Probably a demo version of enlightenment. Because I clearly understood that it can be better and I was just given a peek through the keyhole.

    It subsided in forty minutes. No matter how hard I tried to hold on to the wonderful thing, I couldn't. If something similar is waiting for me in the afterlife , it fully deserves any torment in this life. Now I know that paradise is an active bliss, coupled with an understanding of the simple truths of existence, all of which are based on unselfish, purposeless, imperative love for one's neighbor. Now imagine that everyone around you is like this. And all are creators of wonderful, complex ideas and things. God, for lack of a better word, has plenty of them for us, I think.

  62. After the heart stops, the brain will die, which means that the memory will disappear, you just don't realize that you will die, it's like a dream, so it doesn't make sense to think what awaits you after death!

  63. Everything has long been described as and what to do there. Mark Twain. Captain Stormfield's Journey to Paradise. You will get a halo and wings, sing psalms in the morning, then go to the memorial places where the feet of saints have trod…in the evening, the choral singing started again, and so on… forever!

  64. What stupid questions people ask themselves instead of changing their lives for the better.

    No, there is no heaven, because there is no meaning in it.

    If this is an eternal pension, then ask yourself the question-how do you like a pension in the Russian Federation?

    Cool? Cool? So you will have the same paradise as a pension in the Russian Federation.

    As long as you believe all sorts of nonsense and listen to assurances about a wonderful life, once there, after death.

  65. The meaning of any life in life, no matter how banal it may sound.
    If you look around and take a closer look, you will see that we are already living in paradise. And many people don't want to die. Fatigue from life is dictated by aging and the evil that we see around us.
    But evil is created by humans. If they didn't do harm to each other, then other problems could be avoided quite effectively.
    It is very cool to ski in the snow, skate on asphalt, skate on ice, swim, scuba dive or not, go on a yacht, study interesting animals that have no end, etc.
    It's just that we prevent ourselves (each other) from living because of envy, greed and other harmful tendencies.
    So, personally, I want to try all these joys of life that I can't afford right now.
    Moreover, all I have to do is learn to do good, help people around me if possible, and believe in a Good, Honest, Merciful God.

    If someone thinks they are right, then I know myself and others – everyone is somehow harmful to varying degrees.
    If someone claims that they are not harmful, then it is obvious that they are lying.
    So I can clearly see – the Bible is telling the truth-that people are evil by nature.
    But as a criminal gets a pardon, I also got a chance to correct my harmful nature-God has declared an amnesty for all crimes, if people stop being harmful.
    Then the passage to paradise is allowed.
    People shouldn't mess things up there, so they should learn to behave well.
    What is so surprising and incomprehensible about this?

    I agree to learn it. What's wrong with that?
    And if someone doesn't want to, no one can force them. Everyone chooses what they want.

  66. For life to have meaning, it is important to recognize that there is Someone who is the Source of life. If life were created by chance, without the intervention of reason, then our existence would be pointless, and the future is uncertain.
    According to God's original plan, man was to live forever on Earth. First, Adam was a perfect man .But he disobeyed God. And now we're reaping all the imperfections. Romans 5: 12 .
    We (humanity) have inherited sin and death.
    There is no eternal life after death. Ecclesiastes 9: 5,10
    Life is the opposite of death.
    As Jesus Christ said about eternal life. “In order to have eternal life, it is necessary to acquire knowledge about you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”John 17: 3. When God created man, He created him in his own image. Genesis 1: 26, 27. That is, man has the ability to think, unlike animals. Has the ability to think and reflect on life. For a lifetime-70-100 years-a person uses only a small part of the capabilities of his brain. The Encyclopedia Britannica noted that the brain “has so much potential that it cannot be realized during a person's lifetime.”Why does the human brain need such potential if we don't have the ability to realize it? Isn't it logical to conclude that humans,with their ability to learn endlessly, were created for eternal life? And the Bible speaks of eternal life in Revelation 21: 1-4. (God will be with the people) 1 Corinthians 15: 26. (death will be finished)

  67. Never mind, don't think about it. Create a paradise on Earth. During the creation process, everything will be added and adjusted. The main thing is to live according to His commandments. That is, to love. And then-as God wills.

  68. Who says that life in Paradise should have any meaning at all? Life on Earth has meaning. A person determines this meaning for himself. The meaning of life in Paradise is not determined by a person. Therefore, there is no reason for a particular person to exist in Paradise.

  69. Are you sure you understand the word “eternal life” correctly? There is life perishable, coming, mortal, temporary. Samsara. “eternal life” is a symbol of perfection, and therefore a symbol of immortality. You are afraid of boredom, meaninglessness, melancholy. But all this is a consequence of imperfection. When you reach perfection, you will not need anything and you will not desire anything. Nirvana.

  70. After death, no one makes any plans, there is eternal rest in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is in the earthly life that they set goals for the future, and after death, peace.

  71. you should get acquainted with the source of this teaching

    open the bible and you will see

    1, God the Creator

    1. New Jerusalem City

    Imagine a city several thousand kilometers in size

    Imagine houses and a river and gardens in it.

    Imagine how advanced this technological and ecological society must be

    Did such thinkers teach a meaningless life?

    Did the teachers teach stupidity and aimless, barren emptiness?

    In the world of God, we need disciples and cognizers, the good and the wise

    And they create worlds. universes. nature in new worlds

  72. We know from the Qur'an and the hadiths of the Prophet that there will be things in Paradise that people cannot even imagine. The basis of this is that the person there will get what he wants.

    Such things as boredom, fatigue, weakness, anger, and so on-there will simply be no such thing in Paradise.

    In fact, most people can't even get enough of this mundane life, despite its many trials and disadvantages. What then can we say about Paradise?

  73. To begin with, every religion has its own afterlife. Even the same faith gave people different descriptions of their own future at different times. In many ancient interpretations, paradise is,, milk rivers and jelly banks,, – the standard of living at that time reduced the highest reward to simple requirements: plenty of food, for which you do not have to work, eternal good weather… Etc. In general, the Garden of Eden – eat, drink, have fun. However, even then, in addition to sex with 70 virgins, paradise apples and a successful hunt, a person wanted something else, for example, respect and self-realization in society. Then the picture of universal happiness was supplemented by the opportunity to drink with Odin's deceased comrades at a feast or talk with smart people, various philosophers(antiquity) and prophets(your religion, of course – the rest will be in Limbo, because it doesn't matter). And of course, everyone will be equally infinitely rich, dressed in the best clothes, in short, financially secure. For the curious, paradise provides an opportunity to know the secrets of the past and future.�

    In general, paradise is a place of satisfaction and tranquility. It is planned that God has so much of everything that a person will not need to want anything, any desire will be fulfilled, and any conscience will be calmed. Happiness for all and let no one leave offended!

    But seriously, at the time of the formation of religions, no one thought that once more than a billion people would actually live in paradise (if you compare the standard of living with you, it turns out that we are in the paradise of the Middle Ages and earlier). Now this concept is already outdated, and attempts to supplement it look crooked. Frankly, religion will soon have nothing to offer people that is difficult to achieve on earth.

  74. I would very much like to hope that after death a person can realize all the secrets of the universe, see the most distant corners of the Universe, visit other worlds, for me it would be the best paradise. And since the universe is almost infinite by our standards, you can study it for an infinitely long time, constantly discovering something new and interesting.

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