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  1. Man is not only a body, he is also a person and subject, in which three natures are united – biological, social and spiritual.

    The meaning of life at the biological level is survival and procreation. The meaning of life at the social level is self-development and benefit to people. The meaning of life on a spiritual level is knowledge and self-actualization. Ideally, when all three levels are present in life at the same time.

  2. What is the point of mixing two completely unrelated questions into type one?

    About hard labor. Who told you that it is the lack of choice that makes life hard labor? Maybe the choice is just enough to make a person happy? If there were no choice at all, then consciousness would not exist, it would die out in evolution, we would be lizards. If there was too much choice, then everyone would go in endless stress, at first they would suffer not knowing what to choose, then they would feel guilty that oh, no, I chose the wrong thing, it turned out to be garbage, now people are suffering because of me. But if there is a choice, but only in a certain window of opportunity, then a person has the opportunity to express himself, and not go crazy from hyper-responsibility, and be happy.

    If you feel bad right now because you want to choose something, but today you don't choose anything in your life, then you can try it

    1) pass a good game with a non-linear plot,

    2) get creative: write, draw, compose something, while you compose you are free to make any choice at all, whatever you want,

    3) smile (if there is no choice what to do, then the only choice that remains is to make a choice in your attitude to what is happening here and now),

    4) if you absolutely need to choose in the real world, and not in the imaginary, maybe the choice will appear tomorrow, try methods 1 and 2 and 3 to pass the time until tomorrow, maybe you will calm down at least 10% and change your view to a more positive one, then when the choice appears tomorrow, you are more likely to notice it.

  3. The meaning of life is in creative life. In cognition, in development. You don't like living like this. So become a creator, a master, a winner. Don't you want to? This is your choice. When you don't want something and refuse, it's a choice. A thinking person tries to manage his life.

  4. Hello.

    Hard labor, you say? Yes, alas! And no amount of progress in science and philosophy can fix this. This is our death. We don't live. We are living corpses. What does a corpse do? Decomposing. So we are decaying, both mentally and physically.

    Death came from an ancient sin. It was not made by us, but by our forefathers. They died in sin, and we were born dead. After all, the living cannot be born from the dead!

    Yes, we ourselves love to do evil and lie. This is more pleasant than doing good and telling the truth. So we complete the measure of our forefathers. Yes, vices are so embedded in us that we seem to obey them against our will. But even then, when we are free, we are given a choice from above, we love to sin. What for? Who knows?..

    The Lord Jesus Christ redeemed man by His death and resurrection. In the Church He founded, by the Grace of the All-Holy Spirit, one can come to life and be saved. This is if you really want to. If you really want life to stop being hard labor. The Saints have left us an example of such a life. They were revived morally by the grace of God for what they tried. In due course, they will also come to life physically – during the resurrection of the first.

    But the rest will be raised up for condemnation. They liked hard labor better. So they will have eternal penal servitude – the second death.

    What is the meaning of life? I think in life itself, in the possibility to reach God, His Truth and love your loved ones, to enjoy their happiness as your own.

    Why do we live here, in this penal servitude? To earn the life that is in truth, peace and joy – in the Kingdom of Heaven, and to help your loved ones in this. There's probably no need for more than that. Without it, everything is nothing. And if it is, then the rest only helps, but not always necessarily. What is the use of getting everything from this life (hard labor!), and then being left with nothing? It's no use. That is why the life of an atheist and a sinner (both) is meaningless. And the meaning of life is only among the faithful righteous and penitent sinners who try to improve and are forgiven by the Lord.

    God help us!

  5. It's about enjoying it while you can and spending time in the company of people you like. Life will end anyway, but that doesn't mean you can't be happy here and now.

  6. “There is no sense and no morality here, so we are not on channel one” (c)

    I hope the author of the question has already grown up, he turned 18 and the problem of total independence has lost its relevance.))

    In case you haven't already…

    This is not a life of a priori meaningless penal servitude, where you depend on everything. This is a specific life of a specific individual, unfortunately, it can be so. Then the meaning immediately appears, and it consists in throwing off the parasites and getting out of all these circumstances that. Here it is important to realize that you are hindered by very specific things and very specific enemies, with whom you need to find the strength to fight – and there will definitely be a positive result.

    And life in general is an amorphous and unbiased hakuna matata, and not hard labor at all. Forget about the meanings. Goals and meanings are artificial constructs created by the perverted human brain to control its own kind.

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