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  1. The meme appeared around the beginning of 2017 on the Internet, but far from Russian-language platforms, most likely on Reddit. It was originally called “expanding brain meme”. In the Russian-speaking segment, the meme is called differently: superintelligence, glowing brain, expanding brain, but the most popular, in my opinion, is superintelligence.�

    Well, then the meme penetrated the Russian-speaking environment and became popular. I can explain the meaning on my fingers: the first picture is an ordinary human brain-it indicates some ordinary action, then the brain expands, becomes more and more luminous, bringing any action to the point of absurdity, inadequacy, or just to something funny. However, you will understand everything for yourself when you look at the selection.

    Here is one of the first images. As I found out, words play an interesting role here: some English-speaking people confuse the use of the words who and whom, and whom'st and whomst'd simply do not exist.�

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